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Ward vs Pavlik: Kelly Pavlik says Andre Ward has never faced someone with his power

Kelly Pavlik says that Andre Ward has never faced someone with his power, and has a hard fight on his hands when the two meet on January 26 on HBO.

Tha Boxing Voice: "Kelly, what are you gonna bring to the Andre Ward fight that he hasn't seen yet?"

Kelly Pavlik: "I'm gonna come to the ring as I always do. I come to fight. Andre Ward, as I said before, in a lot of social media, interviews and everything else, he comes to fight. He puts up a great fight. I think that he knows that he's going to have a hard fight on his hands with this fight, and it's going to be a big one. And I think he's kind of got a tough one going on."

TBV: "Has he faced a puncher like you? Somebody with your kind of power?"

Pavlik: "No, he hasn't. Nah, Carl Froch is probably the closest one that he's faced. But nobody that packs the power that I do. Also, not only do I pack a punch, but I wear fighters down. I throw a lot of punches per round, I wear them down. But at the same time, Andre Ward is not a dancer. He's a guy that comes to fight. He's a very talented kid. You gotta do what you gotta do."

TBV: "What did you think of Paul Spadafora tonight?"

Pavlik: "Paul Spadafora's a great fighter. I love him. I grew up watching him. Amateurs to pro boxing, I grew up watching Paul. He's one of my biggest fans. God bless the kid, I hope he keeps going forward. And who knows? If he does the right things, Paul Spadafora could be the best fighter in the world again. He was the IBF world champion, he could be the best fighter."

TBV: "Is there anything you want to say to your fans who have stuck by you?"

Pavlik: "Hey, stay tuned. We're coming back."

Tha Boxing Voice

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