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Amir Khan says he was beating Danny Garcia more easily than he was beating Carlos Molina

Amir Khan says that he was having an easier time with Danny Garcia than he was with Carlos Molina before Garcia knocked him out. Khan feels that he has clearly improved under new trainer Virgil Hunter, and he will not be prone to the same mistakes if he can get a rematch with Garcia.

Jeff Gross

Amir Khan, fresh off his get-well stoppage victory over Carlos Molina, is still talking about the how the Garcia fight went wrong and what he can do to correct any problems. He also mentions that he felt he was having an easier time with Garcia than with Molina until, ya know, Garcia scrambled his brains and everything.

Here is what he has to say about getting caught in the Garcia fight and what he plans to do with his immediate future:

"I was beating (Garcia) convincingly and then got caught with a shot - I think I was beating him more easily the first two or three rounds than I was Molina. I believe in myself in that fight. I got caught by a shot I shouldn't have been caught by. Maybe I was too confident, thinking I was untouchable and that no-one could hurt me. But it all about regrouping myself and I will be back stronger now. My new trainer is going to help me a lot - I already see a change in my style. We are not going to make these mistakes again and we are not going to be giving opponents a chance now.

"The next fight is going to be around April time. That will give me a nice little break. Then I want to be back in the ring again and then trying for the rematch with Danny Garcia. Next year should be a very good year for me. In April I'm looking at it being a fight in the 140lbs division for a world title, and then at unifying it with the Garcia fight - if he gets through his fight with Zab Judah. Boxing is a sport where one punch can change a fight, but hopefully he wins that fight, I get through mine in April and then maybe at the end of the year it will be a good fight with him."

I know I'm not the only one that would be very open to witnessing another match between Khan and Garcia. I do think Khan was winning early, but Garcia landed a huge left hook and, well, sometimes that's all it takes. One cannot hit a five-run homer in baseball or a four-point shot in basketball, but one can do such things in boxing. Fighting is different that everything else, in many ways, and one split second can be the difference between a wide victory or a sudden, debilitating loss.

As of now, Khan is slated to return in April on Showtime. No opponent has been officially named, though Paulie Malignaggi and Josesito Lopez have been mentioned as possibilities. Garcia is squaring off with Zab Judah in February. If both are successful, a rematch in the summer/early fall would be a nice matchup, and a massive crossroads fight for Khan.

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