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Adamek vs Cunningham II results: Vyacheslav Glazkov wins in four, Tor Hamer quits on stool

Tor Hamer quit on his stool after four rounds in the opening bout of boxing's return to NBC, losing to Vyacheslav Glazkov in a heavyweight attraction.

Lars Baron

New York heavyweight prospect Tor Hamer quit on his stool after four rounds today, losing to Vyacheslav Glazkov in the co-feature bout of boxing's return to NBC.

Hamer (19-2, 12 KO) was beaten up a bit in the fourth round by Glazkov (14-0, 10 KO), but it didn't seem near enough for the plug to be pulled. NBC cameras caught Hamer, 29, telling his corner, "I'm sorry." There didn't appear to be an injury, though I can't say for sure at this point that there was not.

Glazkov, 28, was simply a better fighter in the ring tonight, and led on the BLH scorecard, 40-36. Hamer may have won the first round, but that's the only one he had a legitimate argument for, from my perspective -- he didn't fight poorly and wasn't being blown out, which made the stoppage even more surprising, but he was definitely losing the fight, and Glazkov kept winning each round more decisively than the last.

If this was not an injury, then Hamer might consider another career choice. I don't say that to sound macho or anything like that, but if this is how he reacts in this sort of fight, is there really any upside for him in a violent sport like boxing?

As for Glazkov, the Ukrainian has the pedigree and the skills, and is someone to keep an eye on going forward. He might not get American fans excited about heavyweight boxing, but those waiting on the next big American heavyweight are basically down to Deontay Wilder and Joe Hanks at this point.

Live coverage continues here, with Adamek-Cunningham II starting soon.

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