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Canelo Alvarez not interested in Miguel Cotto fight on May 4

WBC junior middleweight champ Canelo Alvarez says that due to back-to-back losses, Miguel Cotto is no longer a viable candidate for a May 4 fight. Austin Trout, however, might be.

Josh Hedges

Canelo Alvarez intends to fight on May 4, and though it doesn't appear he'll fight Floyd Mayweather -- Robert Guerrero looks to be Mayweather's opponent on that date -- he's still hoping to take on a top opponent.

Alvarez, 22, is standing firm on another topic, too: He doesn't want to fight Miguel Cotto, who is still a superstar name and a solid fighter, but has lost some luster after two straight losses in 2012. The first loss to Mayweather in May wasn't anything that hurt Cotto's value, but his December defeat at the hands of Austin Trout definitely was.

Trout, 27, wants to face Alvarez, and to his credit, Canelo continues to discuss that as if it's a real possibility:

"Trout is a great fighter, he is undefeated, he is a world champion, he's very strong and it would be nice to fight him," Canelo said.

All in all, it's probably the best fight that can be made at 154 pounds, at least if we take Mayweather, who holds the WBA junior middleweight title, out of the equation, which it appears he is, as he eyes a return to welterweight. Alvarez (41-0-1, 30 KO) and Trout (26-0, 14 KO) are both young, unbeaten titlists, and are both hot right now. Canelo has become a major star, and Trout had a breakout sort of performance against Cotto, a fight and win that really put him in the mix.

It depends on what actually winds up happening, but I find it hard to take any issue with anything Alvarez has said recently. He demanded Golden Boy get him a big fight, with the names at the time being Mayweather, Cotto, and Sergio Martinez. He went after the Mayweather fight. And he's decided to apply sports-like logic to the Cotto situation, which still would make plenty of money, but just isn't the fight now that it was before Cotto lost to Trout. He's saying -- and doing, reportedly -- all the "right" things that we so often beg to see from fighters.

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