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Sergio Martinez: Chavez will be fractured and beaten up badly

Sergio Martinez says that his surgery "went great", and if Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. wants to get beaten up badly they can have another fight.

Jeff Bottari

Sergio Martinez is coming off successful surgery on his knee which followed his spirited win over Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. in September. Apparently it was an injury that had been lingering for some time and was made worse when Martinez was knocked to the canvas in the final round of the Chavez bout. Now in training for his next fight against Martin Murray, Martinez took a little time to state that he is welcome to a rematch with Chavez (duh), and he will beat up his old nemesis pretty badly if they indeed do square off again (which they likely will).

Here is what Martinez had to say about his injuries and the potential Chavez rematch:

"Everything went great (with the surgery). It is not a new injury. I have had the injuries for a long time and it just happened that they got worse in the Chavez fight. They got to a point where I had to take care of them. I am already training and everything is going fine."

"Really, Chavez Jr. doesn't deserve a rematch. He gave his title to me easily in the first fight, but if he wants to be fractured and beaten up really badly then we can have another fight."

Allow me translate this last sentence so that we may all have a more clear picture of what Martinez is saying here:

"Really, I beat Chavez pretty handily until the last round when I got careless and stupid. Save for the last two minutes, I won every round and, frankly, a rematch would be another very wide decision win for me. But if Chavez wants to have a rematch so that I can make another massive purse to supplement my retirement then, God bless America, let's do it again."

OK I'm just having fun and being stupid, but you get what I mean. If I'm Martinez I am jumping at another opportunity to fight Chavez in the fall after dispatching Murray. The event would guarantee him another hefty purse, and it comes against an opponent that he knows he can beat, and beat handily (unless you believe a new trainer will suddenly make Chavez incredibly better so quickly).

As for the injuries, Martinez will be 38 in February. For a man that relies so heavily on his legs, he needs to be as strong as possible so it can seem a little troubling to know he required surgery on his knee. He claims that everything went fine so we will just have to see how he fares in April against Murray. Unless there is an issue, expect the Chavez rematch in the fall, possibly October.

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