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Arthur Abraham says negotiations are taking place for a fight with Kelly Pavlik

WBO super middleweight champion Arthur Abraham has stated that negotiations between his and Kelly Pavlik's promoters have taken place to produce a fight between the two former middleweight champions.

Lennart Preiss

Arthur Abraham, currently the holder of the WBO super middleweight belt, has stated that his promoters have been in negotiations with Kelly Pavlik's promoters about a possible bout at super middleweight betweeen the two former middleweight champions.

Here, via Boxing Scene, is what Abraham had to say:

"Our promoters have been negotiating. If Pavlik agrees (to face me), our fight will take place. However, the exact date has not been set yet,"Abraham told Armenia news.

Abraham's quote is pretty brief, though it could mean a lot. With the Andre Ward fight now completely cancelled due to Ward's shoulder injury, Pavlik is now a free man to fight whomever. Since returning last year from his extended absence due to alcohol problems and backing out of promised fights, Pavlik has been looking for a big fight to sink his teeth into. This is likely his best opportunity at the moment.

Abraham, on the other hand, looks like he is going to be facing Robert Stieglitz in the spring. It would be a rematch to their fight last fall which was won by Abraham and gave him the WBO belt. Therefore, if the fight with Pavlik were to be agreed to, Pavlik and Abraham would happen in the fall. Hopefully, if that turns out to be the case, Pavlik will take at least one stay-busy bout in the interim.

This would have been a very big fight three to four years ago when each man was an undefeated middleweight title holder. Pavlik was viewed as the lineal champion because he defeated Jermain Taylor who beat Bernard Hopkins. However, some did feel at the time that Abraham may have been the superior fighter. The 5'9'' Armenian slugger was never beaten at 160, his only defeats coming after he moved up in weight to join the Super Six tournament.

Even though this matchup may not mean as much as it could have a few years back, count me among those that would still like to see it. It would still be relevant, and the style matchup could be great. Abraham can freeze in fights, but when someone comes at him, which Pavlik will, he will throw back. I can't see the fight being bad in the ring. I genuinely hope this happens.

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