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Austin Trout's trainer likes style matchup in potential Canelo Alvarez clash

Austin Trout's trainer Louie Burke believes that if his fighter gets the chance to face Canelo Alvarez, the style matchup will be favorable.


Still-unbeaten WBA "regular' junior middleweight titlist Austin Trout scored the biggest win of his career on Saturday, beating Miguel Cotto at Madison Square Garden, and talk since then has been about whether or not Trout would get the call to face Canelo Alvarez on May 4 of next year, one of boxing's biggest dates.

Many fans are ignoring what it seems Golden Boy still wants to do, which is match Canelo with Cotto regardless of the actual outcome of an actual fight, and chatter for Canelo vs Trout seems to be gaining some momentum. Trout impressed a lot of those people that didn't know much if anything about him before Saturday, and it's clear, at least in my view, that he's the better challenge for Canelo next.

Trout's trainer Louie Burke -- another name people are learning this week -- says that he likes the style matchup. From Bill Emes at

"Austin has been fed on the Mexican style of fighters. Where we're from, we've always done better against that type of style. There is no doubt in my mind that it would be a good fight for us. We're looking forward to it."

I do understand the financial part. Golden Boy is dying to get Canelo on pay-per-view, where less viewers will equal more money, and even with the big win, Trout (26-0, 14 KO) probably not ready to be a pay-per-view star. But he could surely work as a strong enough B-side (in marketing) against a fan base phenom like Alvarez (41-0-1, 30 KO).

My belief is that Canelo Alvarez is in need of a credibility fight right now, more than he needs another ex-welterweight, undersized, fading fighter like Cotto. Two days ago, Canelo vs Cotto was up near the top of my wish list. And then real things really happened, and that fight didn't look as attractive anymore. At this moment, I think Canelo-Cotto is a bad fight. Maybe later in 2013 it wouldn't be quite so lousy, if Cotto gets a win and looks good in the interim.

Canelo and his team have seen fights with Paul Williams and Victor Ortiz fall through, and now, he should be out of a Miguel Cotto fight, too. It's time for Alvarez to fight Austin Trout, or at least someone like him. We should find out if Burke and Team Trout are right, or if Canelo Alvarez is really the man at 154 pounds.

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