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Danny Garcia vs Zab Judah: Press conference photo gallery

Danny Garcia, Zab Judah, and Garcia's father Angel made for a memorable press conference this weekend, officially announcing their February 9 fight in Brooklyn.

DANNY GARCIA, Unified Super Lightweight World Champion

"It's going to be another epic show. [To Judah] Come February 9th, I'm going to show you. I'm going to knock you out.

"Now there's going to be a fight on February 9th.

"I am old-school. I always go for the knockout.

"I'm going to punish him. I'm going for the knockout. This is not going past four rounds.

"This is my time. It is going to be a great fight.

"He [Judah] is going to try hard because he is fighting in Brooklyn, and he is in his hometown. He is going to do a lot of barking and I am going to do a lot of biting.

"I won the title in Houston in front of Morales' fans. I beat Khan in Vegas; he had a lot of fans there, so this isn't anything new to me."

ZAB JUDAH, Former Four-Time and Two-Division World Champion

"You've got a hungry Zab Judah. Get your seatbelt on because it's going to be a roller coaster on February 9th.

"When you come into Brooklyn you have to show some respect. [To Garcia] Take your ass whooping and head down I-95.

"Danny is a cool, calm fighter. His dad is the mouth.

"I am not perfect. I make mistakes. I got mad.

"I am too fast, too slick and too strong for Garcia. February 9th is going to be fun.

"My first title fight was on SHOWTIME and now I have a chance to win the unified title [on SHOWTIME].

"It's a dream to have an arena right in my borough. After 16 years as a professional, I am going to be able to give my borough the championship of the world."


"Danny is blessed. I am blessed because of Danny. I train him, Al [Haymon] picks ‘em and Danny fights ‘em.

"Zab was a champion, that was his time, his era. There's a new era. It's about Philly right now.

"Danny is still undefeated. We're not leaving those titles in Brooklyn."

BERNARD HOPKINS, President of Golden Boy East

"A lot of fighters have made history in New York City, including myself. What better way to start the second show at Barclays Center than with a fight like this one? Golden Boy put on a great show in October and we are coming back with another great show on February 9th.

"Zab can't be underestimated or disrespected. He always brings his ‘A' game. Everyone knows Zab comes to fight. He brings it. Garcia, a Philly guy, is representing himself, his family and the City of Brotherly Love.

"They love Zab Judah in Brooklyn like they love Mike Tyson.

"This will be a test for Danny to disprove to any doubters out there. He's taking on someone he doesn't have to fight...a living legend."

RICHARD SCHAEFER, CEO of Golden Boy Promotions

"This is the kind of fight that was easy and quick to put together. Both of these guys wanted this fight.

"When you have two fighters that really want it, it results in a great matchup.

"We have fantastic pricing for this fight starting at 25 dollars. That's like the price of a movie ticket.

"The undercard will have Danny Jacobs, if he gets past his fight tonight and Peter Quillin."

STEPHEN ESPINOZA, Executive Vice President and General Manager, SHOWTIME Sports

"At SHOWTIME, we are committed to bringing our subscribers the biggest names and most established stars, as well as discovering and building the stars of the future. On February 9th, we will be featuring both of those [types of fighters].

"It's hard to believe in less than a year Danny has gone from an interesting prospect to a bona fide world champion. He has put his name on the short list of boxing's household names.

"Zab Judah has been on that list for quite some time. February 9th will be Zab's 10th appearance on SHOWTIME and every single appearance has been entertaining and compelling.

"This will be Danny's litmus test."

SEAN SAADEH, Vice President of Programming for Barclays Center

"We're thrilled to have this fight at Barclays Center. Our first fight was great and the energy was electric.

"Brooklyn is known for raising some of the best fighters and the world and we want Barclays Center to be their home.

"We are proud to continue that tradition with Brooklyn's own Zab Judah.

"We want up-and-coming Brooklyn fighters to aspire to fight at Barclays and we want it to be their ultimate goal.

"In October, Danny Garcia showed us why he was one of the most elite fighters in boxing we are looking forward to showcasing him again."

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