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Floyd Mayweather reportedly aiming for February return, Canelo still wants May 4 fight

Floyd Mayweather and Canelo Alvarez may not be able to work out a fight date, as Alvarez wants to fight on May 4, while he says Mayweather is targeting a February return.

Josh Hedges

Canelo Alvarez says that Floyd Mayweather is trying to secure a February return to the ring, while Alvarez wants to negotiate a May 4 deal with the pound-for-pound superstar, meaning that it may not be possible to get the two together for the fight that Alvarez wants.


"The problem with Mayweather is that he wants to make a fight in February and then [wait] until September, and I want to fight in May. Hopefully he will want to fight in May, and we'll [come into the fight with] almost the same amount of time of inactivity."

Those four months between May and September for their last fight dates don't really make for "almost the same amount of time of inactivity, and one would think that if this is the fight that Alvarez truly, really, greatly wants, as he says it is, then he might be open to returning in February. That's just two months from now, so I'm not sure how serious a Mayweather February return is, but you might recall that last year, Mayweather also considered a February bout before choosing to fight Miguel Cotto on May 5 instead.

If Mayweather and Canelo don't fight, there are a few options for them both. Mayweather would, it would seem, almost surely fight Robert Guerrero, which Golden Boy says they're pursuing. And Canelo could fight Austin Trout, or he could just face Miguel Cotto on May 4 as was the plan before Trout beat Cotto on Saturday.

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