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Gabriel Rosado: 'Fighting Golovkin is a bigger deal than fighting Canelo'

Junior middleweight contender Gabriel Rosado discusses his January fight at middleweight against Gennady Golovkin, and his belief that this is a 'bigger deal' than fighting Canelo Alvarez would have been.

Tha Boxing Voice: "What do you think you bring to this fight (against Gennady Golovkin)?"

Gabriel Rosado: "I think I bring experience that he hasn't faced as a professional. I think I've fought better fighters, bigger names. I bring experience, man, and I think he's gonna feel my experience in the fight. Another thing is, I'm not a small junior middleweight, man. I'm pretty much, like, a middleweight that can make junior middleweight. He's not gonna have a size advantage on me at all. I'm bigger than the guy, I'm taller, and I have a longer reach. A lot of people are on this guy's side because he packs a big punch, but I'm gonna shock the world, man."

Tha Boxing Voice: "You took this fight out of your weight division, but today you had your press conference with Gennady. You were able to stand face-to-face. Tell me, what do you think was the biggest impression you made on him? Was it your size? Was it the fact you were just so willing, your determination? When you had that staredown, what sort of picture did you get?"

Rosado: "I don't think he realized how big I was until I saw me in person. I'm taller than him. I could see him sizing me out. I don't think he realized I was that big, being that I'm a junior middleweight going up in weight. And, you know, when we did the staredown, I saw that the guy means business. I really saw that in him. A fighter, you can read a guy from looking at him. I saw that he means business. I mean business, too. It's gonna be a great fight for the fans on HBO, January 19."

Tha Boxing Voice: "We know that the great year you put on in 2012, you wanted the Canelo fight. Is this just as good as getting that Canelo fight?"

Rosado: "It's interesting that you say that, because I think that me going up in weight, and fighting a guy that -- they say a lot of people don't want to fight this guy. I think it's a bigger deal than fighting Canelo. Canelo really hasn't done anything. Not to take anything away from him, but he hasn't really fought, like, a legit 154-pounder. Me going up in weight to fight a 160-pounder, I didn't have to. I was the mandatory to the IBF title, and I could have just waited to fight 'K9' (Bundrage), I didn't have to go up in weight. But I did. I'm just ready, man, and I'm excited about it."

Tha Boxing Voice: "You mentioned fighting a guy that, it's true, no one in that division wants to fight. They haven't really given him an opportunity to showcase his skills versus an elite fighter. Now you're taking this fight. If you win, and you win convincingly, doesn't that make you now the most avoided fighter? Because if you beat a guy nobody wants to fight, how are you gonna fight?"

Rosado: "At the end of the day, money talks. You put the right numbers in front of somebody, they're gonna take the fight. There's real fighters out there. At the end of the day, it's a business, but you've got fighters out there that are willing to step up. It's not if I beat this guy, it's when I beat this guy. I plan on knocking this guy out. For real, man. I'm gonna be focused. Training camp's starting strong on Monday. I'm gonna get focused, my team is all on the same page. We're ready to make history. We're ready to make big things happen."

Tha Boxing Voice

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