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Tyson Fury: 'I'll give David Price £650,000 out of my own pocket'

Tyson Fury says that he'll give David Price £650,000 out of his own pocket and promote a fight between the two of them in Manchester or Liverpool.

Jane Couch, Film Division TV: "I've got to say, you do look a lot physically better, and 12 rounds, you weren't even blowing were you?"

Tyson Fury: "No, fit as a fiddle, you know? I was ready for another 12 rounds and a session with the missus after."

Couch: "You had a fantastic fight on Saturday. Kevin Johnson, a world-class fighter, he also is a very tough, awkward fighter, too, and was there to win."

Fury: "Yeah, he came to win. It was one of those things where I stuck to my game plan, stuck to the strategies, and didn't get involved. World class fighters have to do that. It's not all about getting blood, guts, and snot all over. I had plenty of those fights, and it's now time to box intelligent."

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Couch: "A year ago, that would have been a different fight against Kevin."

Fury: "A year ago, he'd have knocked me out for sure. I wasn't ready for him a year ago. I've only just started to get ready for people like that now."

Couch: "You're very honest. You're very young, still got a lot to learn, but I think in Britain you are pretty much No. 1 now."

Fury: "We've still got a good fighter in David Haye, we've still got a tough lad in Dereck Chisora, and we've still got another top heavyweight in David Price, so one of four top heavyweights in the world, all from Britain. I think we should get a bit of a super four going on and get it all going, you know? Let's see who the real boss is out of all of us. So that's David Price, David Haye, Dereck Chisora, Tyson Fury, and if anybody else can think of anybody else you can throw in there, British guys, slip them in. I'm ready to go when they are."

Couch: "So if there's any promoters out there, Tyson's just come up with a really good idea. Super four, fights everyone wants to see. A lot of people are talking David Price-Tyson Fury but I think Maloney might have a few financial problems."

Fury: "Maloney's offering, I heard he offered £650,000."

Couch: "Yeah, right."

Fury: "To be honest, one of them things, isn't it? When he comes talking about money, forget about money, it's not about money. It's about getting in there and fighting. But it's also a business so you can see where he's coming from, but I don't think Maloney can afford to put half of me on a show for that much, never mind a full Tyson Fury. So he needs to go to the bank and get a mortgage on his house or whatever he needs to do, beg, borrow, or steal, because you need a lot more money, Mr. Maloney, so keep digging."

Couch: "Well maybe, you never know, David Price might get, like, a big promoter behind him."

Fury: "I'll tell you, I'll promote David Price. Mr. David, I'll give you £650,000 out my own pocket. I'll promote the fight in Manchester, or I'll promote the fight in Liverpool. I'll be your promoter, you fight me, there's the deal. I don't want to split £650,000 with you, I will give you £650,000 to fight me. Thank you. There you go."

Couch: "There you heard it, Tyson Fury has just offered David Price £650,000 to fight him."

Fury: "No split. His end. He can have that."

Couch: "So there you go. Listen, you can't do any more than that. The lad's honest, he's stood and signed autographs and been brilliant with everyone here today. There's not a lot of sports people that would do what you've done today."

Fury: "It's just a pleasure someone would want my autograph. I always said when I was a kid, if I ever got to be somebody that somebody wanted my autograph, I'd stand for as long as it takes. And so far I've done that."

Couch: "I think that's why people are starting to love you."

Fury: "Love me or hate me, you've still got to talk about me."

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