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Ward vs. Pavlik: Ward injures shoulder, fight likely postponed

Andre Ward has encountered a shoulder injury in training camp, likely delaying his fight with Kelly Pavlik to possibly late February or early March.

Ezra Shaw

Chris Mannix of Sports Illustrated has reported that Andre Ward, the world's top super middleweight, has injured one of his shoulders in training camp, and his upcoming bout with Kelly Pavlik will likely need to be delayed. The original date was January 26, and it was to be televised on HBO. Mannix's sources tell him that the fight will likely be rescheduled in late February or early March.

Chris Arreola and Bermane Stiverne were also scheduled to fight that evening, on the televised portion of the undercard. It's a fight that gained some fame when inactive hall-of-fame promoter Don King paid $1.1 million for the rights to the fight. However, to the shock of no one, King eventually defaulted on his bid. It went to Dan Goosen, Ward's promoter, for $550,000.

Thus far, no word has been brought down about what will happen to the undercard fights. Arreola - Stiverne was being heavily criticized already for being a below-average undercard fight for HBO so I would highly doubt they would just go ahead and plug it in as the TV main and bring something else up. Likely the whole televised portion of the show would be pushed back, I would venture to guess. It ain't like Arreola has to worry about the delay screwing with his weight schedule or anything.

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