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Brandon Rios: "I'll fight Angel Garcia in a parking lot and then I'll go in the ring and fight Danny"

Brandon Rios says he wants to fight both Danny Garcia and Lucas Matthysse. In fact, he even states he would fight Garcia's father in the parking lot before he fights Danny. Oh my.

Al Bello

Brandon Rios may be flawed, but, my God, he is a lot of fun. Though he has been named as the top candidate to fight Manny Pacquiao on April 20 (assuming Pacquiao is victorious over Juan Manuel Marquez) that hasn't stopped him from talking about the two men widely regarded as the top junior welterweights in the world, Danny Garcia and Lucas Matthysse.

Here is what Rios told Boxing Scene about potential matchups between himself and those two:

"I'm a warrior, I'll fight either guy. It don't bother me. I'll fight them both. I'll fight Danny Garcia first, who won't be as hard, and then I'll fight Lucas Matthysse second. But that's between Top Rank and Golden Boy. I don't put my nose where it don't belong. All I do is train and be ready for the fights."

Just the thought of putting Rios in the ring with either of those two, let alone both of them, is enough to make any fight fan salivate. Truthfully, any pairing between these three is must-watch TV for boxing fans (and all sports fans, really). Of course, Rios acknowledges the promoter feud, and it would obviously come into play here. Richard Schaefer, Golden Boy Promotions' CEO, proposed an idea to Top Rank of temporarily trading fighters in an attempt to get the Rios - Matthysse fight exclusively to Golden Boy. In return, Top Rank could have gotten the services of Abner Mares so they could put together a fight between him and Nonito Donaire. Bob Arum wasn't exactly warm to that idea.

If you've been paying attention, you've probably noticed Danny Garcia's father, Angel, has slung verbal insults at pretty much every fighter his son has stepped in the ring with over the last year. While Danny seems like a fine guy, his father goes out of his way to insult anybody that even dares to share the ring with his son. Insulting Rios may not sit so well, if it ever does happen. Rios had a little bit more to add concerning the Garcias:

"Garcia is busy beating up old guys and the guys he knocked out are guys with no chins. I can take a punch and I can give a punch, so why don't he man up and fight me? If his father wants to fight, I'll fight him too. I'll fight him in the parking lot, and then I'll go in the ring and fight Danny."

Let's all bow our heads and pray this happens.

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