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Jennings vs Tupou, Belmontes vs Hunter: Photos and quotes from final press conference

Bryant Jennings faces Bowie Tupou, and Jerry Belmontes takes on Eric Hunter this Saturday night on NBC Sports from Temple University.


"I feel the excitement building. I'm getting edgy. It's like it's closing in. This is it. There's no turning back. It's about to happen. But the closer I get to the fight, I get more and more focused. The anticipation is just wild. I just can't wait to step in the ring."


"I feel good, but it's cold here! Too cold! I'm just grateful for Vai, Stanley and the Eagles for taking me and showing me the (Art Museum) stairs and the Rocky Statue and everything. It's great to meet my opponent (Jennings) and see him and get to know him. It's something that you have to do in boxing. But come Saturday, we'll see what happens."


"I get nervous before the fight, but this ain't nothing new. He can fight, I can fight. Skills vs. skills. That's what's going to win. (We'll match) skill for skill. That's what wins the fight. Skills win the fight. I don't see no size difference. All that weight stuff, that don't win fights. Skill wins fights. And I got the skills."


"I'm feeling good. I'm just ready to fight. Whatever Eric Hunter brings to the table, I'll be ready. A couple days before the fight, we're still concentrating on the game plan, and I'm just excited to get into the ring. When I size him up, I see that I'm the naturally bigger guy. It's a great feeling to see everything about him. This may be his backyard, but I have a feeling I am going to make some fans here.Eric Hunter is a cocky guy, so I'm out to put him in his place."

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