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Pacquiao vs Marquez IV: Juan Manuel Marquez Greatest Hits (Video)

HBO Sports looks back on some of Juan Manuel Marquez's biggest fights over his career, including his fights with Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather, plus wins over Marco Antonio Barrera and Juan Diaz.

Jim Lampley: "Early in his career, Juan Manuel Marquez fought very much the way he performed in his first paying job as a government bookkeeper. Precise, technical, careful. But as his career progressed and matured, Marquez began to dispense with all that, and became instead, a brilliantly skilled banger, who has provided us with amazing memories to last a lifetime. On December 8, he gets a fourth opportunity to earn the one big credential his career dossier is still missing: A win over chief rival Manny Pacquiao."

vs Manny Pacquiao (2004)

Lampley: "Despite having been knocked down three times and suffering a broken nose in round one, Marquez showed tremendous will and courage to get back into the fight. As the fight entered the late rounds, the two warriors continued exchanging devastating blows. In a fight that helped to define his career, Marquez fought all the way back to earn a draw."

vs Marco Antonio Barrera (2007)

Lampley: "In a high-tempo, see-saw battle, round seven proved the turning point of the fight. Referee Jay Nady ruled (a knockdown) a slip rather than a knockdown, and penalized Barrera a point for hitting Marquez while down. The three-point swing shifted the momentum in Marquez's favor as they entered the final rounds. Marquez was awarded an unanimous decision by surprisingly wide magins."

vs Manny Pacquiao II (2008)

Lampley: "Four years after their epic draw, Marquez and Pacquiao finally met again, and Marquez wasted no time in taking it to the Filipino star. After a sluggish start, Pacquiao's fists came alive in round three. Having seized momentum, Pacquiao continued to attack. But again, Marquez refused to back down. Down the stretch, Pacquiao and Marquez for a second time dazzled the boxing world with sustained back-and-forth action. After another classic battle, Pacquiao escaped with a one-point, split decision victory, with the third round knockdown proving the only difference in the fight."

vs Juan Diaz (2009)

Lampley: "Styles make fights, and it was clear early this fight would be a thriller. Marquez found himself in an all-out slugfest with Diaz, but was able to survive the early assault, and in round eight, the savvy veteran changed the momentum with an uppercut that broke Diaz's skin. Diaz was bothered by the cut, and Marquez went for the knockout in round nine."

vs Floyd Mayweather (2009)

Lampley: "Marquez jumped up two weight classes for a lucrative fight with Floyd Mayweather. After a 21-month layoff, Mayweather showed no ring rust. Throughout the fight, Mayweather's superior size and speed overpowered Marquez. The undersized Marquez made it to the end, but Mayweather walked away with the unanimous decision victory."

vs Manny Pacquiao III (2011)

Lampley: "Fighting at a catchweight of 144 pounds, the underdog Marquez left no doubt he could still match Pacquiao shot-for-shot. While the aggressor Pacquiao pressed the action, the counter puncher Marquez answered repeatedly. Unlike the first two meetings, Marquez never hit the canvas here, but once again, a Pacquiao-Marquez classic was too close to call going into the final round. The 12th round scoring proved the difference in the fight, as Pacquiao won a controversial, largely unpopular majority decision over Marquez."

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