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Khan vs Molina: Showtime video preview for December 15 main event

Amir Khan faces Carlos Molina next week in a must-win bout for the British star, live on Showtime.

Amir Khan: "We was at the top of the weight division, and just one little slip, and we lost all the titles. I blame myself on that side. I know I've been there before, and I can be there again. That's why I've changed so much of my career, with my trainer, where I live, where I train, because I know there is no more time for mistakes. Carlos Molina, he's dangerous. I think any undefeated fighter is dangerous."

Carlos Molina: "He's right there in that door, stopping me. So I've got to just go through him. Beat Amir Khan, and I know my next fight is a world title fight."

Khan: "He wins this fight, then he'll become a superstar. But I'm not going to let that happen. The work that we're doing with Virgil, I'm going to 100% win this fight."

Molina: "It doesn't matter who's training him. He needs his whole army to beat me. He's not gonna do it."

Khan: "I know there's a lot of pressure on me."

Molina: "Three losses in a row, that will end a career. I'm just gonna go out there and give him hell."

Khan: "I know for a fact it's a fight that's going to put me back where I need to be."

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