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Roger Mayweather wants Tim Bradley for Floyd, Arum doesn't publicly oppose idea

Roger Mayweather says he'd like to see his nephew Floyd face Timothy Bradley, and Top Rank's Bob Arum says 'that's good.' Could the Mayweather-Arum ice be thawing, or is it just a polite response?

Ethan Miller

Roger Mayweather, the uncle and trainer of Floyd Mayweather, says he'd like to see his nephew fight WBO welterweight titlist Timothy Bradley next. That idea may sound wacky, since Bradley is promoted by Top Rank and Bob Arum just like Manny Pacquiao is, but there isn't any public dismissal of the idea from Arum.


"I would rather for my nephew to fight Timothy Bradley. I want that fight because that's the last guy that has a win over Pacquiao. That's who I want to see him fight. I think it's possible. ... I know a fight with Bradley is possible because me and [Arum] talked before. That's the key about boxing."

... "Roger is a terrific trainer. Roger's always been a favorite of mine," said Arum. "Roger doesn't talk for anybody, but if he'd like to see [a fight with Floyd Mayweather and Bradley], that's good."

So maybe it's possible? I don't know, but Top Rank isn't in a Manny Pacquiao position with Tim Bradley, to say the least. Bradley can be an A-side, but not on pay-per-view, and the money Bradley can generate isn't in the same ballpark (again, to say the least) as Manny Pacquiao.

So maybe it's possible? Hell, why not? Let's dream. If you consider Mayweather-Bradley a dream, anyway.

Mayweather is due to return on May 4, while Bradley is being targeted for a February 9 fight on HBO.

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