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Roy Jones Jr Apparently Serious About Fighting Bobby Gunn

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Apparently, there's more to this than just a YouTube video. Bobby Gunn, the journeyman club fighter who claims himself the "world bareknuckle champion" (which is a more legitimate claim than his claim of being a former world cruiserweight champion), really might be fighting Roy Jones Jr next.


Ok, now its bout that time. Bobby Gunn has said enough. In the gym now. He want it.......
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I guess it's never enough. Roy says he'll quit when he feels he's ready, but what could possibly make him feel he's ready at this point?

The fact that he couldn't sell tickets at home against Danny Santiago and canceled the fight (claiming injury) wasn't enough. His traveling act getting him stopped in one by Danny Green and knocked out frighteningly cold by Denis Lebedev wasn't enough. His pathetic non-event in Atlanta against Max Alexander in December wasn't enough.

How much enabling has to be going on for this to continue the way it has? American TV has completely dismissed Roy Jones Jr, and it's not like he's drawing crowds in the States anymore either. He has a dedicated fanbase that says nice things to and about him on Twitter, but it never sinks in to Jones that they're talking about fights from 15 years ago.

There are people actually telling him that he can win a cruiserweight title. There's not a single cruiserweight titleholder in the world today, or even a legitimate contender, that Jones can hang with anymore.

Why? He is not good enough anymore.

Maybe he won't get horribly injured or killed in the ring -- I mean I know it's shitty to even say that, but let's not lie and pretend no one thinks about it -- but what's the upside? He isn't a good enough fighter for the top levels of the sport anymore. I don't even know if he's good enough for the next two levels below that.

Bobby Gunn's a nice guy and I thought gave a good accounting of his guts and desire when he fought Tomasz Adamek in July 2009, which by the way, was his last professional boxing fight. The referee and the doctor stopped it after four. He's gutsy. He's also a 38-year-old guy who has tried to get his name in the mix with "bareknuckle boxing." It may have worked. Which tells you all you need to know about Roy Jones Jr these days.

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