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Lazarte vs Casimero: Riot in Argentina, Pure Mayhem After Fight (Video)

If you want to talk about black eyes for the sport of boxing, here's a bad one. Total mayhem and carnage broke out after Johnriel Casimero scored a tenth round TKO stoppage of Luis Lazarte tonight in Argentina. Here's video of the riot:

This is an absolute disgrace. Total insanity, and nothing good to say whatsoever.

Lazarte (49-11-2, 18 KO) was the hometown fighter in this one, with Filipino Casimero (16-2, 10 KO) the visiting fighter. Juan Brignone breaks down the madness (slightly edited for clarity):

"The worst thing that I've ever seen in my boxing life. ... Lazarte threatened the referee after get the point deduction. Lazarte said: 'do you want to keep alive?' Shameful. ... The promoter was the same of Lazarte-Solis 1/Barros-Caballero 1 and do you remember Juan Coggi-Eder Gonzalez 1? The same guy!"

Lazarte, 40, is known as one of the dirtiest fighters in the world. His two bouts with Ulises "Archi" Solis were jam-packed with fouls, and given that Casimero, 21, is no angel either, a nasty fight was expected between the two. But nothing like this could have been expected.

A disgusting, shameful display from all involved. There's really no more to be said.

Here's a news clip from after the fight, too:

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