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Lazarte vs Casimero: Riot in Argentina, Pure Mayhem After Fight (Video)

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

If you want to talk about black eyes for the sport of boxing, here's a bad one. Total mayhem and carnage broke out after Johnriel Casimero scored a tenth round TKO stoppage of Luis Lazarte tonight in Argentina. Here's video of the riot:

This is an absolute disgrace. Total insanity, and nothing good to say whatsoever.

Lazarte (49-11-2, 18 KO) was the hometown fighter in this one, with Filipino Casimero (16-2, 10 KO) the visiting fighter. Juan Brignone breaks down the madness (slightly edited for clarity):

"The worst thing that I've ever seen in my boxing life. ... Lazarte threatened the referee after get the point deduction. Lazarte said: 'do you want to keep alive?' Shameful. ... The promoter was the same of Lazarte-Solis 1/Barros-Caballero 1 and do you remember Juan Coggi-Eder Gonzalez 1? The same guy!"

Lazarte, 40, is known as one of the dirtiest fighters in the world. His two bouts with Ulises "Archi" Solis were jam-packed with fouls, and given that Casimero, 21, is no angel either, a nasty fight was expected between the two. But nothing like this could have been expected.

A disgusting, shameful display from all involved. There's really no more to be said.

Here's a news clip from after the fight, too:

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