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Ricardo Mayorga Plotting Comeback, Wants Julio Cesar Chavez Jr at Catchweight

Ricardo Mayorga is planning another run in the ring. (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)
Ricardo Mayorga is planning another run in the ring. (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)
Getty Images
Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Infamous Nicaraguan brawler Ricardo Mayorga is apparently planning another return to the ring, and said on a radio appearance that he'd like to face Julio Cesar Chavez Jr at a catchweight.

Now obviously Mayorga would want to face Chavez, since there's a little money in that, but what's fascinating is that Mayorga, once the world welterweight champion, would be asking Chavez, the current WBC middleweight titlist, to go up in weight to 165 pounds.

Mayorga, 38, hasn't exactly kept himself in prime condition over recent years, and has become little more than a recognizable name for veteran fighters to knock out in the last half decade. His last fight came in March 2011, when he was beaten up by Miguel Cotto before basically quitting in the 12th round.

Aged and worn out and consistently out of shape between fights, Mayorga is basically a punching bag who talks a great game before the fight and does come out to slug still, but has a wall he hits a lot sooner than he used to in terms of how much physical punishment he can or is willing to absorb.

Mayorga (29-8-1, 23 KO) doesn't have a real quality win since 2007 if you're generous and considered his bloated grudge match with Fernando Vargas a quality win (it was a good fight, but more a mean-spirited exhibition than anything), or 2005 if you give him strong credit for beating Michele Piccirillo, or if you don't, then I guess it was 2003, when he beat Vernon Forrest in their rematch.

But he does still kick up some dust on the press trail and bring attention to a fight. He's not worth big money anymore (his purse was a scant $50,000 for the Cotto fight) and he'd be a hard sell for HBO or Showtime at this point, but there are fights out there for him. They may no longer be against someone with a big name, unless it's a similarly washed-up fighter, but there are fights out there.

It's too bad he's tied to Don King, since he'd be a natural fit for the Mayweather vs Cotto undercard. He could face a young fighter, and they could continue their "Past and Present" theme.

To be honest, I think I'd have some mild interest in Chavez vs Mayorga just to see what kind of things Mayorga would say about the Chavez family. You take that to Mexico, and you're really crossing some lines.

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