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Lazarte vs Casimero: Lazarte Will Not Face Punishment From Argentine Boxing Federation

Will the recent riot in Argentina adversely affect up and coming Argentinian prospects? (Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images)
Will the recent riot in Argentina adversely affect up and coming Argentinian prospects? (Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images)
Getty Images

The horrid aftermath of the Lazarte - Casimero bout will be a stain on the sport of boxing. After Johnriel Casimero scored a tenth round TKO stoppage against Luis Lazarte all mayhem broke out in the arena. The riot started after Casimero went to jump on the turnbuckle to celebrate his victory in front of the hostile crowd, which is fine. Casimero should not take on any blame for what happened that night. He was merely celebrating his victory and possibly honoring his brother who died just before the fight.

Lazarte is the person who should be punished, and harshly. He lashed out against the referee by threatening his life on several occasions. Also, it was rumored that Lazarte's trucker friends were responsible for starting the riot. News comes in today that Lazarte will not face any punishment from the Argentine federation according to Jhonny Gonzales of Boxing Scene. This comes from the President of the Argentine Boxing Federation, Osvaldo Bisbal who thinks there was "no need to punish Lazarte."

Bisbal said there won't be any sanctions on Lazarte, who bit Casimero several times and threatened the life of the referee - and there won't be sanctions on the event promoter Osvaldo Rivero.

Regarding the possibility of the IBF handing down sanctions, Bisbal laughed - "we laugh at the sanctions of the international organizations. They don't have any authority to do so [in Argentina]," Bisbal told a local newspaper in Argentina.

This incident and especially this reaction hurt the reputation of the Argentine Boxing Federation. These actions are truly sad because there are a bunch of good boxers coming out of Argentina. If the federation is protecting thugs like Lazarte, why would anyone want to go to Argentina to fight a crafty fighter? Do you think that the actions surrounding this fight will hurt the careers of the current Argentinian prospects?

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