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Khan vs Peterson II: Golden Boy Praises Nevada Commission

Richard Schaefer got Amir Khan a rematch. Will Khan significantly change his style or will he just try to push less? (Photo by Ned Dishman/Getty Images)
Richard Schaefer got Amir Khan a rematch. Will Khan significantly change his style or will he just try to push less? (Photo by Ned Dishman/Getty Images)
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In the past weeks Amir Khan and Lamont Peterson have agreed to have a rematch of their controversial fight in December. Both the fight and the officials overseeing the original fight have come into question. The referee in the original fight, Joe Cooper, took away two points from Amir Khan for excessive pushing. While this action may technically be against the rules, I am not sure if I remember it being enforced to this extent. Outside the ring there was the saga of Mustafa Ameen, the mysterious man in the hat. This man was seen interacting with a judge and touching the scorecards, two big no-nos. In order to avoid these strange occurrences, Golden Boy has decided to stage the fight in Las Vegas's Mandalay Bay on May 19th. This venue was agreed upon after Khan's team could not get Peterson's team to agree to come to England according to David Anderson of The Mirror.

Interestingly enough, Richard Schaefer has said that Golden Boy has already talked to the Nevada State Athletic Commission.

"Security will be very tight and Las Vegas is probably the best commission in the world,' said Golden Boy's Richard Schaefer. "I know they are going to make sure that everything is going to be totally above board. I've already had conversations with the Las Vegas commission to make sure that it is going to be absolutely neutral ground for both fighters. We won't see any men in hats sitting at the scorers' table!"

First of all, there is no Las Vegas commission; it is the Nevada State Athletic Commission, which makes me doubt the validity of Richard's statement. I mean how seriously would you guys take me if I said I had a conversation with Silver Man Promotions. Another point is that the Golden Boy team didn't notice the mysterious man in the hat until Amir Khan took to Twitter and posted the pictures.

The mention of "absolutely neutral judges" worries me a bit. What this usually means is that there will be one judge from England and potentially one judge from D.C. I really worry that Khan will buy into his excuses and think that he was not at fault for the loss. If Khan doesn't push every ten seconds, then he wins on the cards. If Khan keeps on the gas and pressures Peterson the entire fight, then he wins easily on the cards. If Khan doesn't allow Peterson to pin him on the ropes, then he wins the fight. Khan has world class potential; the only question is will he learn from this loss and try to get better. Do you guys expect to see an improved Khan or the same version as before?

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