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Floyd Mayweather Hates On Amir Khan

In a video from Gareth A. Davies over at The Telegraph, he conducts an interview with Floyd Mayweather and it can be seen at the top of this article. A couple of interesting points come from Floyd in this short video. First is the apparent haterade that Floyd has for Amir Khan. Floyd lashes out against Khan's perceived run and hold style. This criticism is somewhat ironic because there are some people who will criticize Floyd for the exact same thing. Floyd says that he saw the fight between Khan and Lamont Peterson and that Khan should have been disqualified in the fight. Say what you will about Floyd's personality, but the man knows the rules inside the ring. This fact was on display when he destroyed Victor Ortiz's face with his fists after Joe Cortez called time in. Floyd having such ire for Amir Khan is a little strange considering most people thought Khan was going to be Mayweather's next opponent. Khan has called out Mayweather several times and it seemed to be a logical fight since Golden Boy promotes Khan.

Floyd moves on to talking quite frankly about "Money" Mayweather. He admits that "Money" Mayweather is just an act that he uses for entertainment purposes. It's not his real personality, which he displays when the cameras are off. When he is not on 24/7 or promoting a fight, he is just Floyd Mayweather. He tries to give back to the community and he seems to be trying to be a decent dude. This is not to say that Floyd is a saint or anything, I mean he is going to jail for a reason, but it is interesting to see Floyd admit to his "Money" personality. Floyd does such an excellent job of playing the heel that it is hard for people to accept the fact that "Money" is an act. However, all good acts are based on a little bit of truth. Do you think Floyd is more of a Good Samaritan or more of his "Money" personality?

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