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Alexander vs Maidana: Adrien Broner Talks About Eloy Perez

alexander vs maidana poster
alexander vs maidana poster

Adrien Broner has an abrasive personality. Whether it is his "Money" Mayweather-lite attitude or the fact that he has a guy who combs his hair, Broner's personality makes for a decent heel. A recent interview with Jake Donovan shows that despite the tough front, he takes every opponent seriously.

"The thing about me, I don't treat any opponent different from the other," Broner insists. "These guys are not going to be beat me. I'm going to beat everyone in my way. The only way I'll ever lose is if I beat myself, and I'll die before I let that happen. He's another guy trying to beat me and will be another guy getting an L on his record."

"I keep the hunger when the big time comes," Broner says, reiterating a point that he's earned his place on the big stage and not that it's been handed to him as some have speculated due to his relationship with advisor Al Haymon. "The problem with most is that you're hungry until you get the money, then you lose focus. Me? I train like I don't have sh*t."

Broner moves past these generalities and focuses on his next fight against Eloy Perez taking place on February 25th in St. Louis on HBO.

"I'm not thinking about the future just yet. You know what they say, don't count the chickens before they hatch. I have Eloy Perez in front of me. I'm not looking past him, under him or around him. He'll be there with me all night. Correct that - he'll be there with me for as long as he can last.

"After I win, I can start looking forward to making dates and shining. Until February 25 is over, it's all about taking care of Perez. I keep hearing rumors that Eloy is talking that I won't know what hit me. The facts are that he's looking up to me. He's looking to get what I have. I know what he'll bring to the table. I don't look past him. I don't care if he comes in with two knives, an AK-47 and a bat, he will not beat me. I'll do whatever it takes to get the job done."

Broner's confidence seems to be sky high after his last two fights against Jason Litzau and Vicente Rodriguez. These fights both ended with a knockout and both were finished before the fourth round. Broner seems to have the deadly combination of speed and power that can end any fight at any time. Eloy Perez does not have big names on his resume, but that doesn't mean he should be overlooked. He has trained with big fighters like Robert Guerrero and is going to go to camp with Brandon Rios before his fight with Yuriorkis Gamboa. Do you guys think that Eloy Perez has a shot against Adrien Broner?

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