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Kell Brook Wants Khan in 2012; Not Ready for Mayweather Fight

Kell Brook has ruled a fight out with Mayweather but would love the chance to fight Amir Khan. (Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images)
Kell Brook has ruled a fight out with Mayweather but would love the chance to fight Amir Khan. (Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images)
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At the end of 2012 Kell Brook is looking to face British rival Amir Khan, but has ruled out facing Floyd Mayweather as he admits he is simply not ready.

It's nice to hear someone being realistic when it comes to possible fight, for example Amir Khan suggesting he was ready to face Mayweather.

Brook faces Matthew Hatton on March 17th in Sheffield which will be the headline fight on a fantastic bill. Although Brook will be the favourite Hatton thinks he can win and it promises to be a exciting night of boxing.

The 25-year-old from Sheffield knows there will be some tough but thrilling fights in the pipeline if he can overcome Brook. Although he thinks he has Khan's number he feels he isn't ready to face the pound for pound fighters such as Mayweather.

Speaking to Boxing News about the Khan fight Brook said:

"I'm ready for that fight this year. I could take on Amir Khan any time and I believe I'd beat him. He's just got to say: 'Come on, lets do it.' and it's on.

Khan has fast hands and power but he can be hurt. He can be stopped. We've seen that before in his career. And timing is everything in boxing. Timing and accuracy beats speed every time.

When I hit him hard and consistently, Khan is going down. I know I've got his number."

During the interview Brook was also asked about future fights in particular Mayweather. But Brook is being realistic about the future.

"I'd love to fight Mayweather one day. But he's the best in the world by a long way and there's no doubt he'd beat Pacquiao. So I'm a couple of years from being ready for Mayweather but that would be a dream fight for me."

As I've mentioned before and most of you probably know that Brook will be favourite, despite Hatton's experience being far superior to Brook's. Brook knows that he won't walk through Hatton who went the distance with Mexican sensation Saul Alvarez.

"A fighter like Matthew doesn't think he's going to turn up and lose, does he? He really fancies his chances. I don't know if it's because his brother is Ricky Hatton, but I sense Matthew wants to prove something. He wants to make his own name and that's why he's dangerous."

Some readers might suggest that Brook shouldn't be discussing a fight with Mayweather but when asked he has to answer. He's being realistic and he won't be Mayweather, plus I don't think he will ever get the chance to fight him. As for Khan well that is more tricky. Brook has always fancied himself against Khan and I do expect the two to face off in late 2012. Before making a decision who wins that one, I'd like to see Brook's performance against Hatton but it would be a close encounter that's for sure.

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