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Mayweather vs Cotto: New York Press Conference Quotes

Floyd Mayweather Jr and Miguel Cotto promoted their May 5 fight on on Tuesday in New York City. (Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images)
Floyd Mayweather Jr and Miguel Cotto promoted their May 5 fight on on Tuesday in New York City. (Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images)
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Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Floyd Mayweather Jr and Miguel Cotto got together today in New York to promote their May 5 fight and sit in thrones, as the event is called "Ring Kings," which I just wish they'd stop. I wish they'd stop giving these shows names. No one called Mayweather vs Ortiz "Star Power" except Oscar and Schaefer, no one is going to call this "Ring Kings."

Before we get to the quotes, I really have to give it up for this press conference, which was just hilarious. The best part was definitely when the trumpeter came out to play one of them in, and the spotlight hits the part of the Apollo where the fighter is supposed to arrive, but nobody comes out, and the poor trumpet dude is just standing there, and the lady running the show starts yelling at people on the microphone, "No, no, no, no, stop! I'm sorry. We're not ready, I just said we're about to get ready. Lee! Sorry! That was a dress rehearsal. Lee, I didn't say go. Please! Call me on my phone right now," and she's all ordering the poor trumpet fellow to leave, and the house lights have to go back up, but they don't. It's phenomenal. The first 20 minutes are dead air.

And then another 20 minutes later, the fighters actually come out. So 42 minutes into the video, you can actually see the press conference. They probably should have edited this, but whatever, who's watching? Nerds like me and you.

I put the video at the bottom of this post, so that you can watch it here. It's some press conference.

I also really like that Floyd still listens to 50 Cent. Loyalty is underrated.

This is a rabid press conference crowd, which humors Floyd and angers Richard Schaefer. Schaefer's best moment was reading a list of people who have performed at the Apollo, as well as "Dr. Mar Teen, Looter King." I promise I understand it's an accent and I really don't want to make fun of it, but it just caught me really good.

Quotes after the jump.

Richard Schaefer (CEO, Golden Boy Promotions)

"The marketing slogan for the Apollo Theater is 'long live the music.' I am proud to say that we have put together a boxing card for May 5th where I can proclaim, 'Long live boxing.'"

"May 5th will be our Super Bowl, the Super Bowl of boxing. Traditionally the May 5th date is always the single biggest pay-per-view date of the year. It's reserved for the biggest fights, and that's not going to be an exception. Floyd Mayweather is the undisputed pound-for-pound and pay-per-view king, moving up in weight and challenging Miguel Cotto, the undisputed king of Puerto Rico and 154-pound world champion. Both fighters have agreed to the USADA drug testing protocol, which will administer Olympic-style drug testing.

"This is really an event within an event. There's gonna be another great fight on the same card, where the Mexican rising superstar Canelo Alvarez will fight the legendary Sugar Shane Mosley in a 154-pound title fight, as well."

"HBO has put together a marketing plan, a marketing commitment, which is unheard of. There will be a four-part series of '24/7,' which originally will be on HBO, but there will be a host of replays on different stations under the Time Warner umbrella. TNT will show '24/7' following the NBA playoff double-headers. CNN will replay '24/7' in prime slots, starting at 9 pm Pacific. And the existing TBS, TNT, and True TV platforms will be used for March Madness as well, so watch heavy promotions during March Madness. And finally, TBS will be heavily involved as well, utilizing Major League Baseball games to promote this event. So you have March Madness, NBA, NBA playoff games, and Major League Baseball, where this great showdown will be promoted.

I am not certain what he thinks a "prime slot" is, but "starting at Midnight Eastern" is not a prime slot.

Leonard Ellerbe (CEO, "Mayweather Promotions")

"Without all you fans, none of this would be possible. And trust me, come May the 5th, you fans are in for a great, great fight."

After this, Schaefer calls 50 Cent a legend "and Floyd Mayweather's best friend," which gets 50 Cent booed. Roger Mayweather is flabbergasted. I'm dying watching this thing. It's too good.

Ken Hershman (President, HBO Sports)

"Floyd coming at [154] for this fight I think makes this a very special event. He didn't have to do that, but this is fighting a guy in his prime, and Floyd is up to the challenge."

Richard Schaefer scolds the fans for not being quiet and threatens to stop allowing open to public press conferences. It's Miguel Cotto and Floyd Mayweather in New York. What did he expect? Golf claps?

Hector Soto (Director of Miguel Cotto Promotions)

"The night of May 5th will be big for Puerto Rico. Miguel Cotto will step into the ring as world champion and will step down from the ring as the pound-for-pound king and champion."

Schaefer introduces Pedro Diaz with, "The trainer for Miguel Cotto, terrific trainer, terrific man, the last few fights you've seen what Miguel has done, knocks out people..."

Now if you know anything, like, at all, you know that the Margarito fight in December was the first and only time that Diaz has trained Miguel Cotto for a fight, and he won by closing Margarito's already-damaged eye, not by knocking him out. Let alone the "last few," which Diaz had nothing to do with at all.

Pedro Diaz (Cotto's Trainer)

"On May 5th, you will witness one of the best fights in recent years. Very simple: Inside the ring, the fists do the talking. In the ring, it is the preparation that speaks. And in the ring, the tactics are what speaks. There is no invincible man. The victory is for Puerto Rico."

Schaefer says that Miguel Cotto, who has defeated Yuri Foreman, Ricardo Mayorga, and Antonio Margarito, one of whom got injured and two of whom aren't any good anymore, has proved that he owns the 154-pound division. This is the Canelo Alvarez promoter. I don't have the time.

Miguel Cotto

"I want these days to pass quickly, to start training and get focused for this fight. I guarantee you it's going to be one of the biggest fights you've ever seen. On May 5th, I'm going to make every Puerto Rican proud. Thank you."

Schaefer takes a stab at Arum: "And yet, there's still some people out there, they don't know who to call to get a Mayweather fight done."

Leonard Ellerbe gets a second trip to the podium. Ellerbe calls Al Haymon "[his] business partner." Says Roger Mayweather is the best trainer in the sport. Floyd gets a special intro from Ellerbe, because I guess Schaefer couldn't be trusted to handle this great responsibility. "When it comes to money, that's why they call him Money Mayweather." Oh!! I get it now!

None Other Than Floyd Money Mayweather Himself

Just after Mayweather gets through his "first off I wanna thank..." bit, a woman's robotic voice announces, "It's. 2 o'clock." I can't take much more.

This is, I think, the most disjointed rambling I've heard at a presser.

"The Puerto Rican boxing background is truly amazing, truly truly amazing. A lot of great champions come from Puerto Rico. You guys have got another great champion in Miguel Cotto, tough, strong, solid 154-pounder. I'm not looking to cheat, like I said before, my thing is this, I told Miguel Cotto, 'I don't wanna fight you at a catchweight, I wanna fight the best Miguel Cotto.'

"To be the best you've got to beat the best and he's one of the best fighters out there today. And, you know, I wanna finish putting the rest of the pieces -- you know, it's a puzzle, and you've got certain pieces that go to the puzzle, and he's one of the pieces you know, so I can solidify myself as one of the best fighters to ever live.

"You know, my saying is this, my saying is always this, when I get in that squared circle. We appreciate the fans for supporting us, but when it comes down to it, it's one-on-one. The trainer can't fight for the fighters. Pacquiao's an amazing fighter. He's an amazing fighter. But all I gotta say is if you don't got nothin' to hide, take the test.

"Training camp, training camp is gonna go smooth. Training camp's gonna go smooth. There's no fans like New York fans. You know, you know wh-- it was a dream of mine always to come to the Apollo, and watch 'em perform. I never thought I was gonna be on this stage before. Um, Mark Taffet, HBO, Kery Davis, you guys have done a helluva job, a helluva job. Everybody that's in the background working, dedicating their time -- you know it's hard work, dedication, prayers and belief in a good team.

"At the age of 35, I'm still going strong, I'm still hungry, and I still wanna give you fans nothing but excitement. And you guys have, I want you guys to tune in May 5th, support Floyd Mayweather, support Miguel Cotto, because we're gonna be there to give you guys a toe-to-toe battle. Al Haymon, thank you, the Money Team, Team Mayweather, my whole staff, you guys have done an amazing job. You know, from the guys that pack the bags, to the guys who drive the cars. Thank you so much. I wanna thank the fans."

And off he goes, back to his throne. Ring Kings!!!

Oh wait, then he comes back to promote an energy drink and some audio company. Ring Kings!!!

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