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Chavez vs Rubio Video Highlights: Action From the Undercard

The Chavez vs Rubio undercard featured some highlights and lowlights.
The Chavez vs Rubio undercard featured some highlights and lowlights.
Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Here's some undercard highlight material from last night's Chavez vs Rubio show in San Antonio.

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We'll start with Vanes Martirosyan's absurd fight against 41-year-old club veteran Troy Lowry, which is one of the worst, most disgraceful mismatches you're going to see on American soil. This is not a young fighter learning the game against a guy who isn't really a pro fighter. This is a now 32-fight professional veteran, a formerly highly-regarded prospect, beating up on a guy who had no business in the ring with him at all.

At this point, someone has to be called out. Martirosyan says that he just fights who they tell him to fight. Well, if that's the case, then Top Rank is protecting this guy more than Julio Cesar Chavez Jr has ever been protected. It's gotten really pathetic, and this fight took literally all of 12 seconds before it was clearly the gross exercise in careless, reckless, and dangerous matchmaking that it appeared to be on paper.

Here are the "highlights":

Ivan Najera TKO-2 David Castillo

Najera, 19, is a lightweight prospect who is right now pure offense. Castillo, 34, turned pro in 1998 and disappeared for 12 years before returning in 2010. He came to fight and this was an entertaining enough scrap for Najera (6-0, 5 KO), a San Antonio local.

Alex Saucedo KO-1 Jean Colon

Saucedo, from Oklahoma City, is 17 years and this was just his second pro fight. Big left hook knockout for the young welterweight in this one.

Adam Lopez TKO-1 Richard Hernandez

Pro debut for another local fighter, Adam Lopez, this one in the bantamweight division. Short and sweet. Hernandez's ability to recover or just absorb huge shots was pretty impressive.

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