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Quigg vs Arthur: Rematch Possible If Jamie Arthur Wants It

Scott Quigg and Jamie Arthur could do it again after yesterday's somewhat controversial fight in Bolton.
Scott Quigg and Jamie Arthur could do it again after yesterday's somewhat controversial fight in Bolton.
Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Yesterday in Bolton on Sky Sports, British super bantamweight champ Scott Quigg survived a scare against Jamie Arthur to storm back and stop the challenger on a hard body shot in the eighth round, but not without a bit of controversy, as many felt the plug was pulled too quickly on the battling Arthur.

Here's what Arthur told Sky about the stoppage:

"It was a good shot to the solar plexus, I was off balance and stood up to get a bit of wind into me. When he pulled me out I was turned on my side, my shoulder was already (facing) towards the referee. I'm just disappointed, I put him down in the fourth and it was turning into an absolute barnstormer of a fight."

Arthur (18-6, 4 KO) was a massive underdog going into the fight, and put up far more of a challenge than was expected.

Quigg (24-0, 17 KO) says he's ready to give Arthur a rematch if Arthur wants one:

"He caught me square on with a flash knockdown, I got up and kept my composure. If he feels disappointed about the result I'd gladly give him a rematch otherwise we'll have to sit down and see what options there are."

While Quigg would almost surely win again (he's simply got too much firepower for Arthur, which he proved after the knockdown), it wouldn't be the worst thing to knock even a small monkey off the back of a hyped, talented young fighter. Quigg is still just 23, so a rematch with Arthur wouldn't greatly knock him off course or anything, and at this point he's not likely to find many greater challenges at the domestic level.

A plan of a rematch with Jamie Arthur followed by a potential clash with exciting Commonwealth champ Carl Frampton (who recently knocked out Kris Hughes) sounds like a solid plan in my view, and from there the Quigg-Frampton winner could go on to brighter things, perhaps a shot at European champion Kiko Martinez, which Quigg has recently said he'd like to do.

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