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Brandon Jacobs Earns Praise From Bob Arum

Brandon Jacobs has a second career in the boxing business.  (Photo by Nick Laham/Getty Images)
Brandon Jacobs has a second career in the boxing business. (Photo by Nick Laham/Getty Images)
Getty Images

No, this isn't a story about another professional football player who thinks he can cut it inside the ring. This is a story about a professional football player who can cut it outside the ring according to Dan Wetzel of Yahoo Sports. Brandon Jacobs, the New York Giants running back, has a history with boxing. He started when he was a youth, compiling a 35-2 amateur heavyweight record and winning several state AAU championships. But he does not eye getting back into the ring as a fighter or even a trainer. He wants to take on the toughest profession in boxing: promoter.

At the ripe age of 29, he already has a bit of experience being a promoter. Currently he is the manager of Kendall Holt, and negotiated the fight between Holt and Kaizer Mabuza. Jacobs has earned the respect of one of the most power figures in boxing: Bob Arum.

"Absolutely he could be the next Bob Arum," said Bob Arum, 80. "He's a smart guy; he's not a dumb jock."

"He's a very gregarious guy, people know who Brandon Jacobs is, he commands respect and he gets along great with the fighters," Arum said. "We would be happy to have him come work for us [at Top Rank Boxing], break him in, have him help us on the promotions. Then he can look forward to doing it on his own. Obviously he can't play football forever."

I never knew that Brandon Jacobs was even interested in boxing, much less had Bob Arum giving him a standing offer to join him at Top Rank. It seems that being a football player has taught him how to address the media and large crowds. Being a professional athlete and a former boxer also helps in getting respect from fighters. If Snooki can do it, then I have the utmost confidence that Brandon Jacobs can succeed as well.

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