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Mayweather vs Cotto: Floyd Mayweather Interview On Costas Tonight (Video)

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Floyd Mayweather made an appearance on ‘Costas Tonight,' a show where Bob Costas asks his guests the tough questions. Bob proceeds to grill Mayweather on a variety of topics including his May 5 fight with Miguel Cotto, his relationship with his father, the big fight with Manny Pacquiao, the end of the Victor Ortiz fight, the villain character of "Money" Mayweather, gambling, and the Jeremy Lin tweet.

Bob does a real good job of trying to get Floyd to give a logical excuse for not making the Pacquiao fight, but Floyd is not willing to play along. Since this goes on for a couple minutes I suggest you just watch the video. However, I will post Mayweather's response to whether or not he wants to reconcile with his father.

Costas: Wouldn't you ultimately want to have a happy resolution [with your father]?

Mayweather: I'm happy dealing with my mother. My father has his ways. He's stuck in his ways. He's very very jealous of my Uncle Roger. He has always been jealous of his brother, because his brother has been world champion and now his son and his brother is working and have an unbreakable bond. My mother is a woman who has been through a lot. All my dad has done is down talk her...Without my Uncle Roger and my mother in my corner, I don't know where my career would be here today and my dad hates it so much.

This is an incredibly harsh statement from Floyd. He basically doesn't want to have a relationship with his father and doesn't even want to try. I can't imagine not having a relationship with my father so maybe I'm a little more taken aback by his statements. Anyways, Floyd says a ton of provocative throughout the interview, so have it in the comments section.

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