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Boxing and Drinking: What's Your Favorite Fight Night Beverage?

Corona and Cinco de Mayo is a great combination. (Photo by Eric Gomez/Golden Boy Promotions via Twitter)
Corona and Cinco de Mayo is a great combination. (Photo by Eric Gomez/Golden Boy Promotions via Twitter)

Sometimes it is a terrible fight and sometimes it's a great scrap, but several times the sport of boxing encourages its followers to turn to the tipple. Whether it is an announcement during the week or surprising swing bout between two young fighters, there are times when you need to have some swill.

Now this article will not encourage binge drinking or drinking to minors, merely a reference and discussion for those who are of age. I'm going to list a couple of events and suggest some drink pairings that will complement the event.

Yuriorkis Gamboa Press Conference No Show: Cuba Libre

This drink is too perfect. What drink better complements a Cuban fighter who wants to get out of his fight and promotional contract than a Cuba Libre. The combination of Coca-Cola and rum makes this drink sweet, but the Coke can mask a large amount of rum. We all might need one of these because Gamboa was a pleasure to watch, and I don't think he'll be anywhere near a ring for a couple of years, unfortunately.

A Klitschko Brothers Fight: Nemiroff Vodka

A Klitschko fight can get a little dull. The brothers are usually more powerful and more skilled than their opponents. However, Wladimir has a reluctance to finish the show and merely takes control of the fight behind a relentless jab. Therefore, I picked a vodka that honors the Ukraine, the homeland of the Klitschkos. The traditional Russian custom is to drink shots with rye bread and pickles. I feel like I could get excited for a Klitschko fight if it came with vodka, rye bread, and pickles.

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Floyd's Cinco de Mayo PPV: Corona and Tecate

Floyd Mayweather Jr. has a huge fight on Cinco de Mayo against the Miguel Cotto. Since Tecate always has a PPV deal, I have always had this beer whenever big PPV comes up. Also Saul "Canelo" Alvarez seems to have some kind of deal with Corona, or maybe the Corona girls might simply like him that much. Either way, this seems like a prime event to have some beers with lime and celebrate the Battle of Puebla (As boxing fans you should know the date for Mexican Independence Day)

Sergio Martinez vs Matthew Macklin on St. Patty's: Guinness and Irish Whiskey

There will be a bunch of Irish talent on the undercard, so drinking the traditional Irish drinks is only natural. The Guinness cascade is particularly beautiful for a beer and Sergio is a former model who can pack a punch. I'm not sure what the parallels would be for the Irish whiskey, but it's St. Patty's day...

These are a couple pairings that I came up with, what do you guys have?

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