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Weekend Boxing Results: Salido Stops Juanma Again, Ricky Burns and Andy Lee Win

Orlando Salido stopped Juan Manuel Lopez for a second time in San Juan. (Photo by Amanda Kwok/Showtime)
Orlando Salido stopped Juan Manuel Lopez for a second time in San Juan. (Photo by Amanda Kwok/Showtime)
Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Orlando Salido TKO-10 Juan Manuel Lopez: A truly fantastic fight, an early contender for Fight of the Year, and one that told us a lot about both men. I just don't think any version of Lopez can beat Salido, who is exactly wrong for him. He has the mental makeup to just go right at the heavy-handed Puerto Rican, is a better boxer than him, and cracks Lopez in what is frankly a granite chin enough times that he crumbles him. But if you missed this one, it is a must-see. The ninth round is awe-inspiring, and the finish is beautiful. For the purpose of the results post, we'll ignore Lopez's post-fight comments, which were questionable at best. [ Post-Fight Recap ]

(Photo by Amanda Kwok/Showtime)

Mikey Garcia TKO-7 Bernabe Concepcion: Concepcion was hideous in this fight and really, really never needs to be on TV again, at least as anything other than a Friday Night Fights opponent. Not as a ShoBox opponent, Stephen Espinoza. That's not what ShoBox is supposed to be. Please don't think he's dropped to ShoBox level. Just let us have our ShoBox program the way we like it. Would that be so hard? We're already digesting the "comeback" of Jermain Taylor, the seemingly already aborted "comeback" of Andre Dirrell, the "comeback" of Paul Williams, the fact that you're letting Ronald Hearns on Showtime, and Eric Morel in a main event when he hasn't fought on either of the major networks in years because nobody cares about him and he's not very good. Do you think that it was an oversight that Eric Morel hadn't been on major TV? It wasn't. It wasn't everyone else being wrong. Anyway, Garcia won with ease in a dull fight and Concepcion can be trained by Freddie Roach or a labradoodle, it doesn't really make any difference. He's just not a good fighter and now he knows he's not, so he doesn't let his hands go. [ Post-Fight Recap ]

McWilliams Arroyo UD-10 Luis Maldonado: It felt like Arroyo (11-1, 9 KO) could have done more and gotten a stoppage here, but he was dominant anyway. I don't know how good he might be long-term, but he's got the pedigree and the skills. I do wish that commentators wouldn't call flyweights "the little guys" when they're attempting to "put them over." I don't think that helps anyone, really. [ Post-Fight Recap ]

Jose Gonzalez TKO-8 Hevinson Herrera: There would have been a [ Post-Fight Recap ] for this one, too, but I just didn't have the energy to attempt describing this fight. Gonzalez (19-0, 14 KO) waited around forever to do anything, and Herrera literally looked like he didn't know what he was doing in there. The crowd alternated between a consistent buzzing displeasure and attempts to encourage the fighters (particularly Gonzalez) with wild cheering over the slightest bit of offense. Awful fight.

McJoe Arroyo UD-6 Shawn Nichol: This wasn't on TV, but it's notable entirely because this is the second straight fight that McJoe (10-0, 5 KO) has beaten Shawn Nichol over six rounds. That's the type of thing that makes you wonder what kind of package deal the McBrothers were when they were being courted.

Glasgow, Scotland

(Photo by Rob Casey/Getty Images)

Ricky Burns UD-12 Paulus Moses: Strong performance from Burns, weak performance from Moses, who never had any sustained rhythm in the fight and looked like he'd accepted defeat long before the final bell sounded. Burns and Kevin Mitchell are supposedly on a collision course, but we'll see. Frank Warren might not see it as a perfect fit just yet. Or maybe he will. It's a good fight, and hopefully it happens. [ Post-Fight Recap ]

Paul Appleby UD-10 Stephen Ormond: Solid, scrappy, active fight, and at the end, the two showed great respect for one another and Ormond didn't even accuse the judges of being degenerate gamblers or anything. [ Post-Fight Recap ]

Novi, Michigan

Andy Lee TKO-2 Saul Duran: This fight was idiotic. You can watch it here if you really, really want to. It's a fight that really had no business happening. Duran, 39, was giving up about six inches and was just a little pudgy fellow there to get beaten down. This wasn't sport. Hopefully Steward and DiBella actually get Lee a real fight -- he's had too many fights like this since 2008.

Other Results

Denver Cuello TKO-4 Kid Suryana, Sylvester Lopez TKO-4 Yuki Fukumoto, Kiko Martinez TKO-12 Arsen Martirosyan

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