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Video: Jared Ryan Shaw's "Mr. All the Wrong Ones"

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Perhaps you know him as $kala. Perhaps you know him as Gary Shaw's son. Perhaps you know him as the "mouthpiece for what woman want." Perhaps you remember him pretty much only as the promoter having a fit cageside near Hulk Hogan when Kimbo Slice's balloon was being burst by a guy with pink hair from a lower weight class.

But now you know him as "Mr. All the Wrong Ones":

He really likes Jay-Z:

Celebzter: Who & what inspires you?

Jared: Without a doubt it is Sean Carter "Jay-Z". I have repped his music hard since I can remember. I feel like he changed the way hip-hop was looked at and reformulated it in a positive light. Also, women inspire me. Seriously! A gorgeous woman can always bring out some lyrics.

(and later)

Celebzter: Which musicians’ career would you most like to aspire to?

Jared: Again, it would definitely be Jay-Z.

I assume the lyrics being brought out are such gems as "Girl u know u sexy."


These are the type of words that require true inspiration.

In all seriousness, look, this isn't remotely my kind of music (I also like Jay-Z, but this does not remind me of Jay-Z), and I think $kala is funny almost entirely due to his absurd promotion of Kimbo Slice, but good for him doing what he wants to and giving it a legit shot. It's not like Gary Shaw is so famous and important that I think Jared is solely benefiting from his dad having money, really -- that gets him into fight promotion, but getting into music was at least in part his doing, and there are shittier songs than this one played on the radio all day, every day. So despite the fact that I'm kind of making fun of it, I don't really mean to be a total dick.

Also, here's a GIF that I think might get a lot of usage here. Or might not. We'll see where the wind takes it.



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