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Hopkins vs Dawson II: HBO Buzz (Video)

This short video shows clips from the end of the first fight and some clips of a recent press conference for the fight on April 28th. For those who erased the first fight from memory, Chad Dawson threw down Bernard Hopkins after Hopkins jumped on his back in the second round. When Bernard hit the ground he injured his shoulder, unable to continue with the fight. The fight was initially ruled a TKO victory for Chad Dawson but the California State Athletic Commission overturned the initial result and declared the fight a no-contest.

During this video you see Dawson's team being openly skeptical of Hopkins's shoulder injury. Gary Shaw openly questions the validity of the injury while Chris Mannix says that the media has never seen any of the hard evidence like a MRI or x-ray image. Bernard Hopkins and the Golden Boy team are going with the narrative that Dawson was using MMA moves in a boxing match. They argue that Dawson hooked Hopkins and threw him down with intent. In my eyes, I see both fighters as being responsible for the injury. Hopkins got on Dawson's back and Dawson gave Hopkins some help on the way down.

Now what I really hope for is that these two are legitimately angry at each other. Both of these fighters have a history of being rather boring at times and any motivation they have is a positive. I really hope that we get "beast mode" Chad Dawson that we saw at the end of the Pascal fight and the Hopkins from his two Pascal fights. Basically both fighters should just pretend that they are facing Jean Pascal, and then we might get an interesting fight. Like Scott, I think that I am starting to get a little excited about this scrap and it could end up being interesting given the history between these two.

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