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Kell Brook to Amir Khan: "When We Fight, I'm Going to Knock You Clean Out"

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Yesterday in Sheffield, Kell Brook owned the ring against Matthew Hatton over 12 rounds, proving without any doubt that he's Britain's best welterweight, and possibly the top 147-pounder in Europe. After the fight, he spoke with iFilm London about the win and his future plans, including his brewing press rivalry with Amir Khan.

On the win over Matthew Hatton:

"Yeah, you know, tonight number one versus number two -- it's been going on for many years about me and him fighting each other, we finally got on tonight, and we found who the top dog were. And you're looking at him. ... My chin, I'm not going nowhere. I got a granite chin, you can test it all day long, I'll be there standing. What a gallant effort from Matthew, you know, a tough kid. But I think I dominated the fight, and you know, I did a job on him, I think."

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On plans to fight in the United States:

"I think we need to start looking at them fighters, I need to be fighting on that top table in boxing, that elite level. I've proven that I'm the best welterweight out there now, so I'll leave it to my promoter Eddie Hearn to set them fights up. We sell out a 10,000 arena. People said I couldn't sell tickets. I've packed this place out. You could see what I came out, they were buzzing. I just enjoyed it tonight. ... I ain't got a clue (who said I can't sell tickets). It must have been other promoters I've been with before. ... I've shown that I'm exciting. They come from all over Britain to watch me."

On fighting Amir Khan:

"Let's make it happen, Amir. Listen. You said that Matthew was the better fighter. I've just dominated Matthew Hatton. If you want to fight in Britain, if you're a British fighter, Amir, I want the fight. And when we do fight, I'm gonna knock you clean out. Let's make it happen."