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Bute vs Froch: Lucian Bute Interview (Video)

On his trip to England for the press conference:

"This is the second time for me in England. The first was ten years ago, maybe more. I was in Birmingham for the European championships."

On Carl Froch as a fighter:

"I've seen fights with him. Carl Froch is a very, very tough fighter. Very good fighter. He's fought good fighters. He's good with both hands, very aggressive, in very good shape every fight. I have a lot of respect for him."

On fighting Froch in England:

"In the last year, I was criticized because I only fought in Montreal. The timing was perfect for me to go outside of Canada to fight Carl Froch."

On not being in the Super Six:

"You know, at the time the Super Six was starting in 2008, I think, my promoter and me signed the contract to fight Librado Andrade in a rematch, because the first fight was controversial. I needed to rematch Librado Andrade immediately. I went to the tournament final in December, I was in Atlantic City, to see Carl Froch and Andre Ward. I said I need to fight this guy."

On fighting in front of Froch's fans:

"I'm very sure it's not easy. In Montreal, every fight I have 10-15,000 people. I'm very confident in coming here and winning this fight."

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