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Sergio Thompson Wants To Make Jorge Linares Bleed

Will Jorge Linares's cuts become a serious liability against limited competition? (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
Will Jorge Linares's cuts become a serious liability against limited competition? (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
Getty Images

As reported earlier today, Sergio Thompson has been selected to be next fight for Jorge Linares on March 31st in Mexico. Linares is coming off of a devastating loss against Antonio DeMarco, where he was stopped in the 11th round while winning on every scorecard. If Linares was able to make it to the end of the fight on his feet, then he would have won the fight easily. Yet, he was a bloody mess and it was too easy for the ref to stop the fight.

He is going to take a rematch with DeMarco, but before that he is taking this fight with Sergio Thompson. Like Scott said earlier, Thompson has a pretty record, but there is not much substance behind it. I managed to find his biggest fight, his matchup against Alisher Rahimov. From that video, it seems that Thompson is a decent fighter with a good left hook. He throws a bunch of punches, but most of them tend to be a little sloppy. This guy is a decent fighter, but he is not even close to Linares's level and he seems to be a little old as well. Linares will have a huge speed advantage and he should take this fight quite easily. I expect either a KO or a quick ref stoppage.

Yet, Thompson thinks that he has a good chance to beat Linares by going after his cuts, according to Alfredo Jaime Gomez.

"I'll be in great shape and like a true Mexican warrior I'm willing to die [in the ring]. Not only will I punish Jorge's eyebrows, but I will also throw a lot of my hooks to the liver. I don't want to disappoint my family and everyone who believes in me. Linares is dangerous because of his boxing ability, but I will always be on top of him and I'll stay on the inside. I will show that I can be king of the world," Thompson said.

If Thompson slows down in the 4th round against Alisher Rahimov, then he has no chance at all against Linares. I'm not even interested in watching this fight, and I really like Linares. Do you guys want to watch this fight or is the mismatch too great?

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