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Kimbo Slice Gets Even Smaller Replacement Opponent For March 24 Bout

Kimbo Slice, seen here in a rare moment of throwing a punch at an actual heavyweight. (Photo by Richard Wolowicz/Getty Images)
Kimbo Slice, seen here in a rare moment of throwing a punch at an actual heavyweight. (Photo by Richard Wolowicz/Getty Images)
Getty Images

I'm sure it's my MMA side that has led to a deeper freakish curiosity in the boxing career of Kevin "Kimbo Slice" Ferguson, but his transition to boxing has been pretty incredible. While teeing off on smaller opponents, Jared "$kala" Shaw has insisted that Kimbo is shooting for a title shot and is a "much needed injection" into the heavyweight boxing ranks.

Kimbo was set to face middling regional level mixed martial artist Mike Glenn for his fourth bout this coming Saturday but he had some sort of issue with Glenn as the opponent. After deciding he was willing to face Glenn, now Glenn has issues with promoters for the event and has withdrew from the bout.

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Have no fear though, they've found a mixed martial artist to box Kimbo as a later replacement. Facing Slice as a late replacement in this heavyweight bout? 185 pounder Brian Green. Green announced the bout via his Facebook page:

I'm fighting KIMBO SLICE This Saturday night in a boxing match!!!! Call me crazy if you want, but the dude has beat up nothing but scrubs.... I'm giving up size, but it's a once in a lifetime opportunity... What am I gonna do, say NO??!?!?!? WHO WANTS TO GO?! It's in Springfield Missouri. a 5 hour drive from Des Moines! HIT ME UP for tickets peeps! ROOOOOOOOOOAD TRIPPPPPP :P

Glenn, the original opponent, was a light heavyweight (205 pound) mixed martial artist. Green is a middleweight who will be giving up a huge amount of size.

Green is 27-17 in his MMA career and has fought some decent names. He has, predictably, lost to pretty much anyone of note that he has stepped into the cage/ring with. And, again, he is a 185 pound fighter.

Earlier this month I had talked about Kimbo's fight with Glenn over at Bloody Elbow and had this to say:

This is a continuing trend for Kimbo as he made his debut against then 0-1 James Wade weighing 227 to Wade's 205, took on then 2-3 Tay Bledsoe weighing 244 to Bledsoe's 206 and then beat the debuting Charles Hackmann when he weighed 235 to Hackmann's 211. The only opponent Slice has faced (or is scheduled to face in Glenn's case) who is a listed heavyweight is Hackmann, and that's only because he made his debut at heavyweight. He almost certainly could have cut down to cruiserweight.

One wonders what the ultimate point here is. Kimbo is 38 years old with bad knees. If they're serious about him ever challenging for a title (they're not) then beating up on guys who are cruiserweights or smaller isn't going to get him there. Is the goal with this fight just to have him beat a guy whose trade is as a mixed martial artist? Just so that Jared Shaw can try to validate his statements that the only reason Kimbo lost in MMA was because he had to worry about more than just throwing hands? Now, bringing a mixed martial artist into boxing, if he knocks him out will Shaw take to Twitter or, god forbid, get in front of someone's camera to do a "what'd I tell you?!" act?

I'm actually a fan of Kimbo, the man. By all accounts he's a pretty nice guy and I don't begrudge him the ability to go out and make some money doing a little boxing. But a point comes eventually where enough is enough and bullshit hype has to be called bullshit hype even on the smaller scale.

Kimbo's career is a sad joke, and I have to say that I honestly think he's better than this. Maybe not in terms of talent, but in terms of the kind of man he is. But what do I know? Maybe he's fine with his horrific UFC win over Houston Alexander being the high point of his career, barely ahead of such other great moments as that time he punched that fat guy in the head a lot in that parking lot.

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