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Kirkland vs Molina: Interview With James Kirkland

James Kirkland has a tough fight in front of him, but what are his options moving forward? (Photo by Scott Heavey/Getty Images)
James Kirkland has a tough fight in front of him, but what are his options moving forward? (Photo by Scott Heavey/Getty Images)
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In the run up to his fight with Carlos Molina this Saturaday on the undercard of Morales-Garcia, James Kirkland sat down with Diego Morilla of ESPN to talk about expectations and his future.

You put on a great performance against Angulo. Do you feel the pressure of achieving that same level of excellence?
To tell you the truth, I don't care about that. I care more about having a good fight and putting on a good performance, and I just come to win. Whatever comes, comes. It can be a brawl type of fight, it can be a boxing match -- I just come to win and give the fans more of what they want to see. I am not trying to do more of the same, I am trying to do better and get the win.

This is your second fight in a row against a brawler from Mexico. Are you getting ready for someone in particular or trying to send anyone a message?
I've been sending messages to [Saul] Alvarez, [Julio Cesar] Chavez [Jr.] and everyone out there in the 154-pound weight class. My messages are going one way, but I don't get anything on the other way. I just have to keep doing what I have to do, and hopefully they will give me what I want. I am ready, I am all for it.

You seem to be enjoying a very good moment in your career after the unexpected setback a year ago. What's the next logical opponent for you?
For me, it's just that whenever they tell me my opportunity is there, when they ask me if I want to fight for the world title, which I do, I want to take full advantage. When they give me the opportunity to do so, I will take full advantage. Right now, the champions are looking my way, but they are ducking me. But I am just having fun, but I need the champions to come out and say, "I want to fight Kirkland." But Kirkland is ready and he is a fighter who wants to fight the best, and that's what the champions have to do -- they have to fight the best.

When James speaks in the third person, I'm not sure if it's terrifying or hilarious. That being said, I absolutely love the attitude of James Kirkland in trying to fight the best in the division. Curious that Sergio Martinez's name was not mentioned, but I guess there isn't any money in that fight. The only big money fight for Kirkland is probably Saul Alvarez and I don't see Golden Boy wanting to risk Canelo getting a loss. James's style will provide a challenge for the young fighter and it may be a possibility down the road, but certainly not now.

I wouldn't mind seeing Kirkland try to go after Paul Williams since it doesn't seem like Williams has a fight lined up after his victory over Nobuhiro Ishida. Which reasonable fight would you guys like to see next from Kirkland?

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