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LA Boxing To Expand To The New York Area

LA Boxing specializes in a boxing workout, which features elements from boxing, kickboxing, and MMA. From what I've seen, this workout includes performing simple punches very quickly and with vigor on a heavy bag. The participants wear wraps and gloves when the do this boxing-inspired workout. Whatever their marketing video wants to portray, it does not seem like this workout is really a boxing workout.

Anyways, it seems that this franchise is headed for the east coast. With each franchise only costing about $225,000, according to Crain's New York Business, aggressive expansion can happen quite quickly. For comparison, a typical McDonalds franchise requires $250,000 in personal resources just to start the conversation about owning a franchise. Also this chain takes advantage of the current economic climate to buy storefronts that are currently not utilized.

"We love Blockbuster video stores," said Philip Jacobs, director of franchise development for the 20-year-old fitness chain. "They're the right size, freestanding, with big windows and typically near grocery centers."

I'm not sure if a popular boxing-style workout would be good or bad for the sport. On one hand, it could get certain demographics interested in boxing. The typical soccer moms and young females would take this class but would they then tune in to watch boxing? I would hope so. However, on the other hand, this aggressive expansion strategy could squeeze out traditional boxing gyms. I assume that traditional gyms do make a fair amount of money on people "just wanting to get in shape," which will be LA Boxing's target audience. Take away this revenue stream, and some traditional gyms could go bankrupt. What do you guys think? Will the expansion of LA Boxing be beneficial or detrimental for the sport?

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