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Peter Quillin Signs With Star Manager Al Haymon

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Peter Quillin has joined star manager Al Haymon's stable. (Photo by Scott Heavey/Getty Images)
Peter Quillin has joined star manager Al Haymon's stable. (Photo by Scott Heavey/Getty Images)
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Middleweight prospect Peter Quillin is looking to become middleweight contender Peter Quillin, and has signed a deal with manager to the stars Al Haymon, according to Ryan Maquiñana at

Quillin says that he's keeping his current team intact, and remaining with Golden Boy Promotions, but has brought Haymon on board (or been brought on board to Haymon's ship, however you wish to see it) to maximize his chances. At 28, Quillin wants to get a move on. He lost what should have been the tail end of his "prospectdom" to injuries, and now that he's back and active, and working out of the Wild Card Gym, he's ready to make his move.

Quillin (26-0, 20 KO) went 4-0 last year, including a win on HBO over Craig McEwan in November. There were recently talks for him to face Winky Wright on the Mayweather vs Cotto undercard, but those negotiations have fallen through and don't appear to be in a position to be saved. Personally, I think it's for the better, since Winky isn't an active fighter anymore. If Wright gets back and looks good, sure, he could be a good test for Quillin, but right off the bat after a three-year layoff? Too much chance Winky's just flat rusty and has nothing for Quillin.

There is still an open spot on the Mayweather vs Cotto undercard. Right now you have the main event, Canelo Alvarez vs Shane Mosley, and Jessie Vargas set for the PPV opener. Slotting Quillin into the second fight would make sense, especially now that he's with Haymon, and there are plenty of guys out there he could fight that would be at least a little bit interesting.

Obviously there is going to be the worry that the Haymon association will "shelter" Quillin a bit, as Haymon is a flat-out genius at minimizing risk and maximizing financial gain for his clients, such as getting fights like Seth Mitchell vs Chazz Witherspoon picked up by HBO, as well as Gary Russell Jr on both major American networks in fights that realistically belong on Friday Night Fights or ShoBox, but we'll see about that based on who he fights.