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Kelly Pavlik's Next Fight Set: March 31 in San Antonio

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Kelly Pavlik will get back into the ring on March 31 in San Antonio. (Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images)
Kelly Pavlik will get back into the ring on March 31 in San Antonio. (Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images)
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Kelly Pavlik's next fight is set, and as previously discussed, will be in San Antonio on March 31, but the previously reported opponent is out.

Instead of Virginia club fighter Scott Sigmon, it will be Florida club fighter Aaron Jaco (15-2, 5 KO) across the ring from the former middleweight champ, which a maximum weight of 170 pounds. The ultimate goal right now seems to be to get Pavlik back to 160 pounds if at all possible, and this is just a first step.

Pavlik, who turns 30 on April 4, will be making his way into the ring for the first time under the guidance of trainer Robert Garcia, who replaced Jack Loew, the only trainer Pavlik has ever known. Pavlik was figuring to continue his career as a super middleweight, which he tried last May against Alfonso Lopez, but Garcia and the camp's nutritionist seem to believe that Kelly is capable of 160 again.

Whether he is or not, we'll find out soon enough, but if he is, an eventual date with Julio Cesar Chavez Jr has been mentioned, though a healthy and focused Pavlik at 160 might be deemed too...something or other for Chavez. The worse Pavlik looks upon comeback, the more you can expect the interest meter from Top Rank to rise for that fight, I expect.

Jaco, 34, fought last November in Tampa, and that 2:03 of ring time (he won by first round KO) is his only ring time since 2006. It's a very, very soft comeback for Pavlik, but the more we've learned about Alfonso Lopez, he should have seemed very, very soft last year, too, and it was a very close fight. Chances seem good we've got a better Pavlik on our hands right now, but rust could still be a factor.

No TV has been announced for the fight, but hopefully if nothing else Top Rank will stream the event on their site.