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Rios vs Gamboa: Live Stream of Today's LA Press Conference

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Top Rank will be streaming today's Rios vs Gamboa (or Rios vs ???) press conference from Los Angeles at 3 p.m. EST. We'll have the video here for you to watch as soon as it goes live, so you can join us as we watch what happens.

Yesterday, Yuriorkis Gamboa no-showed the Miami presser, which led to a ton of chatter from all angles.

Top Rank has sort of hinted at "surprises" today, and Oscar De La Hoya apparently has some "big news" today (which could be God knows what, anything really), but right now the general feeling is this: Rios vs Gamboa is off, won't be happening, Gamboa is leaving (or trying to leave) Top Rank, and he figures to wind up at "Mayweather Promotions" (Golden Boy), or just Golden Boy Promotions, period.

So what's in store today? I suppose a replacement opponent could be announced, or Bob Arum will plead his case to the public, or Brandon Rios will vent his frustrations and probably call Gamboa a bunch of names. Maybe all of those things.

We'll find out shortly.