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Rios vs Abril: Press Conference Quotes And Video

Brandon Rios and Richard Abril are trying really hard to pretend to hate each other. The first chapter was when Abril stormed Rios's "I hate Gamboa" party, and started a physical altercation. It wasn't because Abril had won the WBA title that Rios vacated on the scale against John Murray, but they "genuinely" didn't like each other. The whole event was far too convenient for Top Rank. This awesome fight that we put together is not going to happen but, hey look over there, this could be an awesome fight between two people that hate each other. Sorry to be so negative tonight, but I wasn't buying into the fact that these two guys hated each other back then and I am certainly not buying into it now.

In order to drum up some excitement for the independent PPV this weekend, Rios and Abril are at it again. According to Jake Donovan, these two got into it during the press conference today. The video of the two "going at it" is posted after the story so you can judge for yourself. To me it's typical pre-fight hijinks used to drum up interest in the fight.

In the press conference quotes, Abril seems almost sorry that he got into a physical confrontation with Rios.

"Everybody was asking me about the Miami press conference when I pushed him," Abril (19-2-1, 8KO) explained in attempting to justify his unprofessional actions last month. "I only heard the "F" word coming from him. I have nothing against Brandon Rios. I went there to let Rios know who I am and who he needed to fight. On April 14, you're going to see a great fight."

Rios was a little less democratic in his statements.

"I'm going to gain my lightweight title back and will be champion again," Rios (29-0-1, 22KO) insisted. "People have been like, "Who is Richard Abril?" Nobody knows who he is now, and it's going to be like that after the fight. I will be a champion again on April 14, no way will I let some unknown guy take that away from me. "I'm going to let this fool know who Bam Bam is. I'm going to knock his ass out and show everyone why he is a shadow and I am a star."

I commend both of these fighters for at least trying to drum up interest in this fight, but it is really hard when Rios was supposed to be fighting one of the best up-and-coming fighters in boxing. The most exciting part of this fight is going to be the weigh-in and not the fight itself. What is more exciting in your eyes; whether Rios can make weight or the fight itself?

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