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Senchenko vs Malignaggi: PPV Promo Video

In his quest to get a belt in the welterweight division, Paulie Malignaggi will be traveling to the Ukraine to tfight Vyacheslav Senchenko on Sunday, April 29th. It should be an interesting scrap where we find out if Paulie is really old or if Senchenko is the real deal. After talking to Scott a couple of times, I've become convinced that Paulie has lost a step, and that pretty much means that he is done. Paulie was never a defensive genius, and he never had any power. He simply relied on being faster than the other guy, which means that losing that speed could be devastating. Mostly since the video is only 30 seconds long, I will do a bullet-point quick analysis of the video.

  • Start with a clip of Senchenko boxing with his back to the camera. It's the best way to introduce him to the American populace.
  • Is that a clip of Paulie vs. Miguel Cotto? Seriously guys that fight happened about 6 years ago.
  • Shot of Vyacheslav's face with his name below it right next to Freddie Roach. Senchenko with Roach is going to be a theme in this short video.
  • Quick shots of both boxers throwing punches and failing to injure their opponents
  • Senchenko and Roach again
  • A bunch of quick boxing shots again
  • It ends with Senchenko maybe knocking a guy down
  • Stereotypical fighters standing in front of flags

How can you put together a highlight package without any knockdowns or real big power punches? You could at least show Paulie staggering Juan Diaz, that would at least let me fool myself into thinking there could be a KO. That being said, I still want to watch this fight because there are a bunch of unknowns. I'm curious to see what Senchenko does against an aging Paulie, I've seen some clips where he fights tall and works behind a jab. Are you guys interested in some Sunday afternoon boxing on the 29th?

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