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Richard Schaefer Signs Contract Extension With Golden Boy

Richard Schaefer signs a long-term extension with Golden Boy Promotions. (Photo by Ned Dishman/Getty Images)
Richard Schaefer signs a long-term extension with Golden Boy Promotions. (Photo by Ned Dishman/Getty Images)
Getty Images

In a move that should surprise no one, it appears that Richard Schaefer has signed a long-term contract to stay with Golden Boy Promotions. Confirmation of this report comes from Dan Rafael at ESPN. Oscar De La Hoya is quite excited about this non-development.

"I am thrilled to have Richard commit to a long-term contract extension with Golden Boy, as he is not only my trusted chief executive officer, but he is one of my closest friends," Golden Boy president and retired former 10-time world champion Oscar De La Hoya said in making the announcement. "This is a very important day for the company and another, and very exciting, chapter in our storied path. We have achieved so much already and I can't wait to announce the many endeavors Richard and I have been working on over the past months to ensure our continued growth and success."

Schaefer also seems to be excited about the long-term contract.

"I am excited to extend my contract and look forward to working with the company for many years to come," Schaefer said. "Oscar is a visionary leader who has inspired millions as a fighter in the ring and now he is doing the same thing outside of the ring with his 'yes, we can' attitude. I am proud of him, our Golden Boy staff, our partners and shareholders and, most importantly, our fighters, who make the company what it is."

Basically, it is going to be business as usual over at Golden Boy, with the cold war with Top Rank continuing. Scott will still be able to use the Golden Boy and Top Rank red ‘X' for any fight containing one fighter from each of those stables. Here is a fun question for you guys. If you could have any two people take control of Top Rank and Golden Boy, who would you appoint?

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