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Rios vs Abril: Final Press Conference Highlights (Video)

Mike Alvarado: "This is gonna be an exciting show. There's a lot of great talent on this card."

Mauricio Herrera: "A lot of people didn't expect me to be where I'm at today. ... This is it for me. I'm ready and I hope he's ready."

Alvarado: "I hope Mauricio can swim, 'cause I'm taking him to deep waters. ... It's gonna be a great fight. I'm a warrior, I do what I do to win the fight."

Brandon Rios: "To all my fans out there, love you guys, you know me. I always bring on an exciting show, exciting press conference and anything. But today, I'm gonna keep it a little civil. I don't wanna get too crazy. ... I'm back. See? You can see my face, I'm happy again, smiling, I got color. I'm not white, I'm not dead, I'm not a zombie. I'm Brandon Rios again."

Richard Abril: "He talks a lot of shit because he's only 50% Mexican. He's not 100% Mexican."

Rios: "The last press conference he wasn't talking shit, so now he's talking shit, so that's great. I love it."

Todd duBoef: "We look forward to seeing everybody on Saturday night. Only warriors are fighting on Saturday night 'cause Brandon and Mike Alvarado establish that for us."

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