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Brandon Rios Weight Update: Rios Heavier on Second Attempt, Fight Still On

Brandon Rios could not make weight on two attempts for tomorrow's fight with Richard Abril, but the bout will go on. (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)
Brandon Rios could not make weight on two attempts for tomorrow's fight with Richard Abril, but the bout will go on. (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)
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Brandon Rios again failed to make weight on a second attempt today in Las Vegas, but tomorrow night's fight with Richard Abril will still go on as part of Top Rank's pay-per-view from Vegas and Mexico City.

Rios, who was to fight for the interim WBA lightweight title, weighed in two pounds heavy at 137 earlier. On the second attempt, he reportedly came in at 139 pounds. His official weight for the fight will be listed at 137 pounds, which makes no real difference. Bottom line is, he could not make 135 pounds, and he and his team were foolish to try. It was very clear in December that he couldn't make 135 anymore, when he missed weight for his fight with John Murray. The big story coming into this fight was that he'd hired a nutritionist. It wound up making no difference. He simply cannot make 135 pounds anymore, and his team has flirted with real danger trying to get him down there.

Rios (29-0-1, 22 KO) really shouldn't have been scheduled for a lightweight fight once Yuriorkis Gamboa pulled out of the date. There was simply no point. No matter who he fights next, it wasn't going to be at lightweight. There's been talk of him fighting Juan Manuel Marquez at 140 in July, so what was the purpose of a fight with Richard Abril (17-2-1, 8 KO) at lightweight in April? What was the benefit? Who did it help? It's not like a real title was on the line -- it was an interim belt. And if the Marquez fight didn't happen, another fight at 140 against Mike Alvarado has also been bandied about.

This was a serious miscalculation from Team Rios, top to bottom. They never should have had him trying to make 135 for this. For Gamboa, it made some sense to try again. But for Abril? For some interim title in a fight that isn't a marquee attraction?

The fight will go on as scheduled, but only Abril can take home the interim WBA title. It would also be wise and a good PR move for Top Rank to take away Rios' ability to win that $50,000 bonus that was supposed to go to the winner. Nothing can happen tomorrow that would stink more than Rios winning the fight and getting a $50,000 bonus after failing to make weight for the fight. That should be off the table for him. They're going on about their obligations to the fighters. Well, the fighters have obligations, too, and whether or not you can really say it's his fault or just a fact that he can't make 135, he didn't do it. He shouldn't get an extra reward.

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