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Rios vs Abril Results: Richard Abril Dominates, Gets Robbed By Vegas Judges

Brandon Rios got a 100% robbery win over Richard Abril tonight in Las Vegas. (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)
Brandon Rios got a 100% robbery win over Richard Abril tonight in Las Vegas. (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)
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Richard Abril completely dominated tonight's fight against Brandon Rios in Las Vegas, without question clearly winning the fight, but was screwed, robbed, and jobbed by two of the three Nevada judges, losing a split decision by scores of 117-111 (Abril), and 116-112 and 115-113 (Rios).

Bad Left Hook scored it 119-109 for Abril. I firmly believe that you could have easier scored this 120-108, a total shutout for Abril, than find six, let alone seven or eight, for Brandon Rios.

Rios (30-0-1, 22 KO) had absolutely nothing in the ring at any point tonight. Whether it was the conditioning, just the fact that Abril (17-3-1, 8 KO) was a terribly awkward and awful matchup for him, or both, Abril completely dominated the fight. This fight was not close. Not remotely close.

Our live coverage continues here with the Juan Manuel Marquez vs Serhiy Fedchenko fight, but I am thoroughly infuriated with this "sport" right now, and all I can promise is an honest recap of the fight from Mexico City. This fight took everything great about the brutal, grueling Alvarado vs Herrera classic, shit on it, and threw it in your face as a boxing fan. We paid $55 tonight to watch Richard Abril school Brandon Rios and get robbed. The only mild argument for Rios would be that Abril held too much and should have been penalized. But they'd have had to take ten points to make it a draw in my eyes. 116-112 for Abril is the absolute closest I could have seen this fight.

This is 100% pure garbage. Absolute garbage, and I am at a loss. You wonder where the boxing audience went? They watched enough bullshit like this, and they left.

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