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Groves vs Stieglitz: George Groves Pulls Out Of Fight

George Groves is injured yet again. (Photo by Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images)
George Groves is injured yet again. (Photo by Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images)
Getty Images

It seems that George Groves might be known as an injury-prone fighter. After dubiously dropping out of his previously scheduled fight with Kenny Anderson with a ‘back injury,' he is now pulling out of his WBO super middleweight May 5th fight against Robert Stieglitz. According to Martin Domin, Groves has put out a public statement apologizing to his fans.

"I am sorry to have to announce that I won't be boxing on May 5. I have picked up an injury in the build up to this fight. We tried to work through it but soon realised I wouldn't be able to perform the training needed to prepare for this fight. After coming back to London immediately and seeking medical advice I hope that this problem will be sorted soon and will only be a short delay.

I am truly sorry to everyone involved who will be affected by this. This is without doubt the toughest decision I have ever had to make, I am gutted but nothing worth having is given away. It has only made me more determined to achieve my goal of becoming world champion. Thanks to everyone again for their continued support in my journey."

At this point I'm not sure whether Groves is injury-prone or if he just can't make up his mind. The fight with Kenny Anderson is always going to be there as is a rematch with James DeGale. I thought that going after Stieglitz was going to be a major test for the young Brit, but it's not like Stieglitz is a world-beater either. I don't think that Stieglitz is a big loser in this situation because he is going to have options with his WBO title if Groves decides to move on. I guess Stieglitz could take on Kessler after his fight with Allan Green on May 19th. If Stieglitz and Groves decide to go their separate ways (cue Journey music), who should each fighter go after?

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